Saturday, April 20, 2013

~ moving to a new blog ~

Good morning everyone.  I'm moving to my new blog - 'Dly's Crochet and Crafts' starting today.  (Just click on the blog name and you will be taken there.)

I've been thinking about making a new blog for a while now - but I was sitting on the fence about it and just couldn't make up my mind.  Well, a few days ago I switched my blog to Google+.  I didn't like it, so I switched back to the regular Blogger platform.  I then figured out that I have no 'comments' section now.  I've looked around to try to fix it but I can't figure out how to do it.  So that was the kick in the pants to start my new blog. 

Don't worry - 'Dly's Hooks and Yarns' will still be left open for everyone to get the patterns, but all my new patterns will be posted on my new blog.

Please join me over at 'Dly's Crochet and Crafts' - I'd love to see you there.  :)    
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