Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ checkerboard baby blankie ~

I finished up this preemie baby blankie about a week ago.  I crocheted it with Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn in the colors of 'chocolate' and 'butterscotch', and it measures 17" x 26".  The 'butterscotch' color does look a little more yellow in real life - I just couldn't get a good picture of it.  
The pattern I used is the small 'double duty square'.
Before I leave to go do my shopping today, I will leave you with this happy song I first heard on a tv commercial.  I hope it makes you smile.  :)

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  1. Hi Mrs Debi....I love it ....this is so cute and different.....I like always have something different and cute.Nice .Have a wonderful week.

  2. Well that is a happy tune to start off the day.. Great to have the feet this side of the dirt lol...

    I do like the way you join the squares together.. No ridges... as in double crochet....
    I will have to try it , so neat:))
    Have a wonderful day .. Hugs pat :))

  3. How pretty! Love it!

  4. Hi Debi, I love your baby blanket. Thanks for sharing the pattern for us. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. It's beautiful Debi, I love that square :)

  6. Hola Debi y muchas gracias por tu comentario. Que manta tan bonita de bebe, me gusta mucho la combinación de colores

  7. Very nice! Love that butterscotch color too :)


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