Saturday, May 18, 2013

~ a fairy garden ~

I know - I know - my fairy gardens are always a little sparse.  I like it that way though - gives the plants room to grow without over-growing. 
The little house and the bridge was purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The 'water' under the bridge is clear blue glass gems - the walkway from the bridge to the house is flower shaped glass gems.  I think I got them at the Dollar Tree too.  All of the succulents were in one pot that I got at Home Depot for $4.98.  Oh, and the very large coffee mug planter was bought at the thrift store a while back - I paid either $2.90 or $4.90 for it - I can't remember which.
Fairy gardens are fun to play with - kind of makes me feel like a giant.  :)
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