Friday, May 24, 2013

~ Oh Cristmas tree - oh Christmas tree ~

I've been working on this Christmas tree for a couple of weeks, and finally completed it yesterday evening. 
Now I'm not gonna lie - this was kind of a pain in the rear to do.  It was easy enough to craft - just ball-head pins and lots of green buttons pushed into a Styrofoam tree - but the pain in the rear part came from trying to fit the buttons together without leaving too many empty spots.  It was like working a puzzle almost.  Does this fit?  No.  Does this one fit?  No.  Try this one.  Ah, yes - this one fits.  When I did have an empty spot, I just pushed in a pin with no button.
If you'd like to craft one of these - all you will need are these supplies:
A Styrofoam tree, green acrylic paint, ball-head pins, glue (optional), and lots and lots of different shades of green buttons.
*  paint the tree with the acrylic paint and let dry
*  take one ball-head pin, insert into a button and then push the pin into the Styrofoam tree.  Repeat this step 15 million more times.
*  if you end up with a small empty spot, just push in a pin with no button
*  for the top of the tree - layer up 3 or 4 buttons and pin in place  
If you're going to use glue - after you insert the pin into the button, dip the pin into the glue and then push it into the tree.  I ended up not using the glue just in case I had to move some buttons around.  You can make the choice on whether you want to use glue or not.
I'm gonna go now - have to get my house straightened and cleaned before we go to the campground early in the morning tomorrow.  My nephew Spencer and his wife Berlin are going to house-sit and dog-sit for us and I can't leave a messy house for them to see.  We've decided that we're going to spend the weekend there - so no Rolling Thunder on Sunday.  Maybe next year.
Enjoy your day.  :)   
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  1. That is so cool Debi. I Love your button tree. Have fun at camp:)

  2. Your button tree is cool and cute, Debi !!:) thanks for sharing ! You get such styrofoam cone in market or you made it? I have styrofoam sheets, I guess I can make a conical shape too but those sheets are smaller in size.

    1. Thanks Preeti. I bought the Styrofoam cone at the Dollar Tree, but I'm almost sure that the craft stores sell them too. :)

  3. What a good idea! I love it!
    Have a nice weekend on the campground!

  4. This is cute. I need to get started on some Christmas projects.

  5. well, this needs a go!!!
    thank you Debi, xxxx Ale
    happy weekend!

  6. Thanks Charlotte and Ale. :)

  7. What a great idea. You can make a few buttons in other colors in the tree. It looks gorgeous. The weather in Germany means it is soon christmas. In the mountains we will get snow again.


  8. Debi, your tree is just awesome! You are so creative. Love it.

  9. How cute is this? I'm doing this, this year! Thanks for the how too! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. A good idea, Debi!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is really CUTE Debi, but I can imagine the comparison to puzzle pieces.. Still it looks well-worth the effort!! Thanks for sharing how, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  12. Oh Debi, I love this. I have a collecion of trees and would love to add this one. Adding to my to do list. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.

  13. So cute! And what a near idea!

  14. It's lovely Debi so creative, have a great weekend :)

  15. Olá,
    Agora já sigo o teu blog.
    Passei para conhecer o blog e adorei. Convido vc para conhecer meu blog, aguardo tua visita.

  16. I love this! Button art is fabulous! ^.^

  17. Very cute! Makes me long for the holidays. Have fun camping!


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