Monday, July 1, 2013

~ home again ~

Hi ladies.  We're back home after a great week at the campground - except for Friday, but I'll get to that in a little bit.

The weather was typical summer weather - hot and humid - so the pool was the place to visit every day.

That's Vince on the left - my youngest grandson James jumping in - my grandson William and then my son Bobby.  I'm hardly ever in the picture because I'm the one taking them, but you wouldn't want to see me in a bathing suit anyway - count yourself lucky.  :)

Look at this handsome man - he's mine.  ♥

In between a ton of golf-cart rides, I started a baby blankie.  Small squares put together with the flat braid method.  I'm at the halfway point with it now - so a little bit longer and it will be finished.   

And Vince made a bow and arrow for James to play with.  Don't worry - the arrow wasn't very effective - it popped out and then fell to the ground.  James had fun playing with it though. 

Now onto Friday.  It started out good - my nephew Donnie showed up with his wife Karen and 2 daughters Kelsey and Taylor.  My sister Julie and brother-in-law Frankie showed up with their 4 kids - Frankie J., Sabrina, Michael and Dylan.  And then a little later, my sister Laura shows up.  Well, we're out in the yard standing around talking and the mosquitos are biting.  Laura goes into the trailer and comes out with a can of bug spray and starts spraying the stuff all over herself - legs, arms, back - when Frankie says something about the smell of the spray.  Laura looks at the can and realizes that she has sprayed herself down with Raid.  Oh my gosh, we laughed like crazy, but then we realized that this stuff is poison and Laura had to get it off quickly, so she headed to the showers.  Bobby was so worried that he sent me to check on her while she was in there.  She's fine and she didn't get another bug bite the rest of the day.  

Frankie, Julie, Laura and Vince
A few hours later, Laura and I drive up to the Trading Post store to buy water for our coffee and some bread.  We leave the store and within 1 minute come upon a golf-cart accident.  I notice a tall boy standing on the side of the road and I said to Laura "are those our kids?" and then I realize that the tall boy is my grandson William.  I then see James and he is crying.  Oh my God - my heart starts beating fast - I pull the car over, and Laura and I run to the kids.  I go to James first - check to make sure he's ok - then to William and by this time I am crying - William says over and over "I'm ok Ya-ya" - I realize I need to control myself in front of the kids, so no more crying.  In the meantime, Laura is checking out the other kids - so we switch, and she checks out William and James while I check out my nephew Dylan, my great niece Kelsey and my great niece Taylor.  Taylor is standing there screaming and crying and there is a man helping her because her ankle is bleeding badly.  Turns out the man, Mr. Buchanan, is an EMT and he witnessed the accident so he was there to help in a second.  There was another man, Mr. Ricci, who was driving behind the kids and witnessed the accident too.  He told us that William was driving properly.  The place where it happened is a hill with a slight curve - William hit a pothole, lost control, the golf-cart started to slide sideways on some gravel and then rolled over 3 times.  The smallest of the kids - James, Kelsey and Dylan were thrown off the back seat and landed on the side of the road.  William was thrown out after the 1st roll and landed in the road.  He doesn't remember anything after that until he opened his eyes and looked over to see Taylor getting up off the road.  Taylor had rolled with the golf-cart all 3 times.  Mr. Ricci told us that he was afraid at first to go to the kids because he thought they would all be dead.  He repeatedly said it was a miracle that they were all ok.  
By this time, 911 had been called and all the parents were there.  All the children were checked out by the EMT's and Taylor was taken to the hospital to have her ankle examined.  It was not broken, just a bad cut that needed stitches.
All the children ended up with some road rash - and we're all very thankful to our Almighty God that that is all that happened.
                 Dylan, James, William, Kelsey and Taylor on a different golf-cart the day after the accident.                         

On to Saturday, which was a good day.  We all gathered at Julie's campsite and ate great food that they always cook up for everyone - and Saturday evening was a great display of fireworks put on by the campground. 

All in all - except for the accident - it was a great time.  :)
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  1. Oh my... so glad all the kids are okay. I would have been a mess too!

  2. Good grief! I'm glad they're all fine. Mind you I'm pretty sure they'll be bragging about it for weeks to their friends, now that the initial shock is over. You know what kids are like. They do like to compare scars and stories :)

  3. I've never used the flat braid method? How quick is it? x

    1. Hi Emma. The flat braid joining method is very easy once you get the hang of it. That is my favorite way to join squares. :)

    2. Debi,

      How "holey" (as opposed to holy) is the flat braid method. I try to avoid too many equipment snaring holes on Project Linus blankets.

      Glad everyone is OK. That had to be a scary time for all.


    3. Hi Helen. The flat braid method is pretty holey because of all the chaining to connect the squares. I have it on a lot of my blankies that I have made if you would want to take a look at them. :)

  4. Goodness! I'm glad everyone is OK and on the mend!

  5. I'm glad everybody is okey eventualy! That was like a bad horror film to you, I think. Also that Laura is fine; the stuff could have damaged her skin badly.

    Your babyblanket will be lovely when it's finished.

  6. OH Dear Lord Debi! What a weekend. Glad everyones ok! Love your knew blanket!

  7. Oh my goodness...that is definitely the kind of excitement you don't need! So glad that everybody is OK. Whew! Love your new blankie, btw. :)

  8. Oh my gosh so scary! Glad to hear that your grandson was driving responsibly (kids seem to think they're racecar drivers when it comes to driving anything!) and that everyone made it out with minor boo boos.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket :)

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  9. Oh my God Debi, what a weekend! thank God everyone is safe and well it could have been so much worse! Your blanket is so pretty it's going to be beautiful. :)

  10. Thanks Rita, Stephie and Linda. :)

  11. Accident sounds terrible. Scary! Thank goodness everyone is ok. Love the pick of your grand baby jumping in the pool!

  12. Debi! What horror! I hope he recovers from ankle and everyone is well at home!
    Well, sure the kids will remember this adventure...!

  13. Oh my goodness, so glad it wasn't worse! Otherwise looks like a great weekend. Love the new blankey. :)

  14. Oh, thank goodness everyone is fine and safe. Truly it is a blessing of God. What you explained is a big accident.
    Your blanket looks very pretty!! Glad to know that you enjoyed your weekend. It is good especially for kids if they have friends and cousins too joining for vacation:)

  15. Thank goodness the kids are OK. I'm sure this will make them more aware. Hope you have a great 4th.

  16. Thank you all so much ladies. :)

  17. I'm SO glad that everyone was okay! Praise God! I do the same thing when I think someone in my family has been hurt - I cry. :P It's because we have tender hearts and we are fearful for our loved ones. It looks like you had a good time for the most part and I'm so glad everyone was fine. I love your blanket - you do such beautiful work. Love seeing what you're crocheting.

    Blessings - Julie

  18. Gosh! I'm glad to hear the kids are okay after the accident. Bless them all, Tammy


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