Monday, August 26, 2013

~ 'the guardian grandmas' logo ~

 Ms. Luna of 'My crochet, Mis Tejidos by Luna' asked me last night if I had a logo for 'the guardian grandmas'.  I didn't at the time, but today I opened up the Paint program and started messing around.  This little picture is what I came up with.
The big heart symbolizes our heart, and the little heart symbolizes the babies heart. 
I have to mention that Ms. Luna is an honorary grandma at the moment, but next month she will be a full-fledged grandma.  Her son and daughter-in-law are expecting a little girl that they've named Zoe Ann.  Congratulations Ms. Luna!!  :) 
I'm going to be working on posting links of my baby patterns to 'the guardian grandmas' page in the next few days.  I'll have other links there too. 
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  1. The logo looks great!

    And congrats to the expectant grandma! :)

  2. I love it , this just cute ....I'm taking to my did a great job nice logo.

    ;) ...Luna .... :)

  3. Congrat Luna..and Debi the logo is perfect.

  4. I love it and will put it on my blog now. Congratulations to Ms Luna I hope it's catching I'm just an honorary granma now but you never know, maybe all you have to do is join the guardian grandmas haha. Please email me your address Debi :)

  5. Thank you Debi. I like the symbol of the two hearts. I've added it to my blog. Heather


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