Sunday, August 25, 2013

~ my sister Teri.....~

.....loved animal prints and lips motifs.  So when I saw this duct tape on clearance at Joanns, I had to buy it.  I didn't know what I would do with it, but I had to have it.  

I then remembered Astri's post about her and her friends painted coffee cans -
My sister Laura had already saved one coffee can for me because I wanted pretty painted plant cans like Astri's, but I changed my mind about the painting and started taping.  Took me like 10 minutes at the most to do this.  Easy as pie.  Now all I have to do is get a plant to put in it.  :) 

p.s.  the 'tape it' neon duct tapes were bought at the Dollar Tree.  Needless to say, they sold out very fast.  I keep checking every time I go, but I haven't seen them since. 


My daughter Erica gave me a lips decal in honor of Teri.  I applied it to the inside of my windshield today.  I like it - it matches my pin stripes.  :) 

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  1. Happy Sunday Mrs Debi...I think is it.Good idea ....:)

  2. I'm sure she's got a great big grin on her face Debi xoxo (((hugs)))

  3. It looks brilliant Debi, it's amazing just how many uses duct tape has:)

  4. That is a good way to recycle coffee cans and tins. The duct tape looks like a fun print and has even more meaning since it reminds you of your sister. Sending cyber hugs. Heather

  5. Hugs..just letting you know I stopped the coffee can idea..I am stealing it as I type.

    1. Sounds great Vikki. They're fun to make - I'd love to see yours when you're done. :)

  6. love the coffee can!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Your coffee can looks very nice!!:)

  8. Great idea to decorate with tapes! I should try, just hope that tape will not come out when in contact with water (just in case). That kiss on your car windshield is so cute :)

  9. Great idea! I haven't seen the neon duct tape but I will be looking! Love the lips!

  10. Hello Debi,
    It is a sweet idea and it looks great! Love the lips:)

  11. What a lovely idea-looks very pretty!


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