Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~ for Cristina ♥ ~

I received this note from our blog friend Cristina of 'my world of wool' yesterday.  Please let's send her good thoughts and prayers for her country.  

~~ On 11 September is a sad day for you and your country, I know... I remember what I was doing that day .... everything is so sad .... but we do not forget, right? ... If you excuse me, I ask that this year you thinking with my country, Catalonia. I'll be grateful if you want to spread my message. Maybe their countries news channels do not speak but there is a great social movement in Catalonia that the September 11 wants to make a human chain of 400 kilometers to claim what belongs to us: freedom, independence. We wish well as you one day we can celebrate our Independence Day's FREEDOM Catalonia. Catalonia, the new state in Europe.
Thank you Debi... thank you to you all... ~~ 
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  1. Wow....don't know what to say ...but telling her to keep hopes ,faith and be strong ...!

  2. Oh Debi .... I'm crying with joy!
    I am immensely grateful to you! You are a great person!
    his heart is very generous!
    Just yesterday evening I was watching the movie "The Patriot" ( Mel Gibson ),
    who speaks of the independence of his country.
    If I could now would make you a big hug, Debi!
    Thank you, dear friend! Thanks to all of you!
    My small country will always welcome you with open arms!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Debi

    I'm not too sure how much you know about European politics. I know that at times the US can appear a bit insular on foreign affairs (no disrespect intended)

    Here in the UK we get some foreign news. It's only because my parentage is Spanish and I have relatives living there, that I read what's happening in Spain.

    Whilst this isn't really the place to discuss politics, I thought I'd explain a little about what Cristina means and why. I'm not an expert and there's probably much more that I've missed or are unaware but the internet is a wonderful source of reference if you want to acquaint yourself with more facts and history.

    The Catalans, much like the Basques, have always been fiercely independent and have wanted to break away from the rule of Madrid. Spain has 17 autonomous regions, 3 of which, Catalunya, Basque Country and Galicia were historical nationalities. These 17 regions were created as part of its 1978 Constitution. Remember that from 1939 - 1975 Spain was a dictatorship.

    Each autonomous district has its own parliament and government. They also have their own regional flag, anthems and language. With the exception of the Basque Country and Navarra, they don't have their own fiscal autonomy.

    Whilst always wanting their independence, what has exacerbated the debate and problem is Spain's current economic climate. Spain is broke, the global banking and the property bubble have bankrupted the country and they've have had an EU bailout.

    However, Catalunya, is Spain's powerhouse. It is the largest net contributor in taxes. Taxes that are going into the Treasury Coffers in Madrid to balance the nation's books. With the severe austerity measures that are in place the Catalan people feel that if their region was completely independent that they may have weathered the crisis better.

    I suppose it's a bit like maybe California turning round and telling DC that they want their taxes to stay in their state, they don't want to keep bailing out the other states or pay their dues to the US Treasury. We've got our own parliament and legislations so we'd like our independence.

    Now, you may say that's a bit much, a tad over-zealous maybe. It goes much deeper. At the turn of the last century, Spain was still involved in little wars in North Africa, primarily Morocco. This undermined the then Spanish monarchy and an authoritarian state of rule took place between 1923-1931. Then the 2nd Spanish Republic was formed in which Catalunya, Basque Country and Galicia were given autonomy. The first steps to independence.

    However, with the depression of the 30s and the whole general unrest that was happening over Europe at the time, it was only a matter of time before Spain was affected. Political unrest and a rollback to the new changes made were just one of the catalysts that helped to spark the Spanish Civil War. This as you know lasted 3 years, ending in 1939 with the region of Catalunya finally falling to the Nationalists. During this time there were many atrocities carried out, my own family affected. One of the main things that were stamped out completely were the historical regions identities. Their flags, national anthems, language, everything were banned. This continued until 1975 when Franco died.

    So you can see now why in this new modern Spain, the old promises that were once made have been partially granted, but the local regions want more. They want their proper "true" independence that was denied to them all those years ago. It's not an easy process and there are arguments both for and against by both parties. On the whole though, at this very moment the Catalans want a total break and they want it sooner rather than later. They want to be in charge of their own destinies as a people and an independent nation.

    Phew! That was a long reply.
    Hope that may be of interest.
    Have a great day Debi. Let's get back to knitting and crochet :) xXx

    1. Hello, Ruby.

      I am pleasantly surprised by his explanation. I was happy to know that around the world there are people like you who are interested and know the problems of Catalonia. I am very grateful to him for taking a few minutes of your life to write this review. I am aware that this is not a place to discuss policy issues but behind my every word there is a great sense of patriotism towards my country. I think these words are my small contribution order to be able help my little country.
      Again, many thanks for your generous explanation. Come, then, let's crochet! Kisses and a big hug from Catalonia!
      And thank you, Debi to post comments! sorry for my impolite to discuss political issues here .... I would not like this was not a problem for your blog. I am immensely grateful to you! THANKS.....

  4. It's always unnerving to think about what happened here in the States on Sept 11th. But to be going through what Cristina is going through in her's beyond a tragedy. Prayers of hope, courage and strength to fight for the freedom of everyone from wickedness of the world.


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