Wednesday, September 11, 2013

~ I remember ~

- I remember like it was yesterday
- I remember being scared
- I remember being horrified as I watched the television
- I remember calling my family members
- I remember hugging my children
- I remember feeling helpless
- I remember walking around the house not knowing what to do
- I remember feeling angry
- I remember crying
- I remember praying to God 
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  1. I know what you mean. I remember those things, too. It's important we never forget.

  2. I do also..all of the above. I remember working at an elementary school trying to continue on as normal as possible. I remember standing in front of a television with a fellow teacher and her saying, "My brother and his wife are stewards on that plane" ...hoping against hope that they we know they did not.

  3. I feel with you. I remember that I can't believe it. And we never forget that day.



  4. I can't believe it is already 12 years ago. It seems like yesterday.
    I think we all will remember this day till the end of times. I know exactly what I did and where I was that moment it happens.

    Hugs, Monique

  5. This post gave me chills. Well said, I too remember. God bless.

  6. Working today at the airport It was like bringing everything back....but the Lord always helping me to keep on going and do my job even though my mind was on all memories back on Sep. 11.Every year when this day comes I sit down in front of the window looking out on the Ramp at all the plane departing and it is hard to think many,many things that it had happen back then....May The Lord Bless USA .

  7. You echo how I felt, I still remember the horror of seeing all this happening that morning. We are suppose to pray for our enemies, and that is hard, but the reason you pray for them is not because of what they have done or are doing to you, but what they are doing to themselves. I am not wise enough to understand why these sort of things happen. I just know that there are still good God-fearing people out there who still believe in doing the right thing. Maybe that is why this old earth is still going around, because the good still out weighs the bad?
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. I've also thought of you today with his family and his country, Debi .....
    We not forget ... ever .... a big hug to all the families
    who lost someone that fateful day ...
    on my trip to NY I was very impressed visiting a chapel,
    a small church that is across from the World Trade Center ...
    a tribute to all the victims and all those who then helped the victims ...
    will never forget ........
    A big hug from Catalonia....

  9. As hurtful as the memory is, and as much as we would like to forget it is good that we don't. Our country lost it's naivete and some of our arrogance that day. God will protect us with our memories. As we learn from this experience we must always keep God first in our minds.

  10. As someone who lives outside the US - I remember that day too. I was about 8 years old, and stopped everything I was doing because my mom was simply paralized in front of the tv. And then I saw the image of the towers, and the smoke... all I could think about was fear. And the people who were inside the buildings.

    It was one of those moments that makes you think... and it changed me, helped me to be the person I am today, even though I live far away... I think every single person felt that horrible pain of loss that day. My family still talks about it.

    I prayed for everyone that day. I still do.

    We should never forget.


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