Tuesday, September 10, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* I received 6 cute little hats from Linda of 'Linda's Crafty Corner' for the 'guardian grandmas' project yesterday.  Thank you so much Linda.  :)

* I went to James' school yesterday for Grandparent's Day - it was a lot of fun.  His paternal grandparent's Cathy and Craig were there too, so James was very happy.  :)

-- this car was 'parked' in front of my car.  Maybe that grandparent shouldn't be driving - I don't know, just saying. 

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  1. The hats look great and what a wonderful picture of you and your grandson. So funny how those people parked! :-) Have a great day.

  2. Hahaha oh dear, not great parking at all! Love the photo-and the hats will be wonderful for your lovely project xx

  3. I'm glad they reached you ok Debi, I'm working on the next six, James looks very happy to have his grandmother there with him it's a lovely photo of you both :)

  4. Lol @ the car parked. Cracks me up!
    Cute hats! And I love your new blog header!

  5. Cute baby hat,they all so pretty.The car ...ooppps....:).....You are looking so gorgeous with you grandson.....that's a nice picture.

  6. Cute hats...love your new blog header...and that parked car cracks me up! :D LOL

  7. Cute hats and a wonderful picture of you and James :-) Scary the way some people park, isn't it? It does make you wonder how they are in motion.
    Blessings :-)


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