Tuesday, October 1, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* car crocheting - the radio on low and people watching at the same time.

*** eta = I'm not driving - just sitting in the parking lot waiting for my son. 

* new $8 shoes from the Family Dollar up by the campground.  These shoes are Converse knock-offs, but I'll tell you what - they are much more comfortable.  I have a blue pair of Converse that I hardly wear because they bother my feet.

 I took this picture in my car too - it took me an hour to get my leg back to where it was supposed to be.   :)
extra smile:
* a great time at my niece and nephews birthday party.  These 3 were all born in the month of September - and now that they are older, my sister Julie celebrates their birthdays on one day.  Frankie is 18, Sabrina is 16 and Dylan is 11.  Julie also has another boy, Michael - he's 14 - his birthday is in May. 

Sabrina, Frankie, Dylan and Julie

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  1. I love to crochet on the bus when going back and forth to work-I get quite a few stares! I do like your shoes-I find so called 'designer' labels don't tend to be great quality, I'm glad you have some nice comfy shoes :-)

    Love the pic of your niece and nephews-mine are all so little still!

  2. I don't crochet in the car because I'm usually driving. Laughed at you getting your leg back into place...I've been there too! Happy Birthday to your niece and nephews.

  3. I love to crochet in the car too! When I don't have anything to crochet with me, I get bored.
    Nice sneakers, I wear the higher model all spring, summer end fall in several colours ;-)

  4. Amazing! I'm more into train crocheting myself but I can see the appeal! x

  5. Oh my, I hear you about getting the leg back in place. haha. The shoes are adorable, the kiddos are adorable and car crocheting is the only way to go...plus I relax a little better with hubby behind the wheel if I am paying attention to the hook instead of the driving. ;-)

  6. Birthday wishes to your niece and nephews!! I don't crochet in car; while moving, I cannot and when parked,I rarely sit inside:)

  7. happy birthday to your niece and nephews!!!!
    xxxxx Ale
    I can crochet everywhere, too!!!! ;oD

  8. hahaha, that could be me, crochet in the car. It is good to know, that there is someone else crazy like me.


  9. My feet are too wide for converse shoes :( They hurt my baby toes!

    I always bring crochet or knitting and a book for car rides, even to run errands, because hubby always drives. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating on my reading or crafting though because his driving makes me anxious! haha

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  11. This post made me lol for real! I should take my projects w me while I'm waiting in my car. New idea. Thank you!

  12. Great post Debi, and bargain with the comfy shoes to boot (excuse the pun). I love comfy shoes and it always takes me ages to find comfy shoes, I have lost count of the amount of shoes I have worn only once! Crochet-on-the-go whilst travelling by train for me. Happy birthday to your niece and nephews. My Grandson was born last week on the 28th September, so there's another one to add lol.

  13. I just found your blog and am loving it. You have some lovely things here! Are there more pics of the colorful project pictured in your Two for Tuesday banner? I'd love to see what it is - an afghan?

    1. Thanks Melissa. The project in the banner is a scrappy round ripple - I have it posted here:


      The pattern for the round ripple is here:



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