Friday, November 1, 2013

~ guardian grandma donations ~

I've received 2 more donations for the 'guardian grandmas' group.  The 1st one is from Linda of 'Linda's Crafty Corner' - a very cute set of tiny little baby hats.  I love them Linda.

The 2nd donation is from Liz.  Liz has very generously donated 4 baby blankets to our group.  They are beautiful Liz. 

Thank you so much ladies - I really appreciate your time and support.  :)
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  1. These are great!! This afternoon I was sorting through my yarn collection and I've selected some yarn to make anoter blanket for your project!

  2. Oh my Gosh ....lovely baby hat , cute ....the blankts are so adorable too.Have a great weekend , MRs Debi.

  3. It is amazing how generous fellow bloggers can be. Winter is coming, all those things will be greatly appreciated. You will have to let us all know how it turns out when you rent that U-Haul to take them to their destination, heavens, you won't have room in your car Debi!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. everything so nice!!!
    happy weekend Debi, xxxxx Ale

  5. Adorable hats and blankets!
    Kathy :)

  6. Wow, you ladies are doing a great job :)


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