Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~ my NCIS rant ~

Everyone knows that NCIS is my favorite tv show - it's my simple pleasure on Tuesday night.  Well, not anymore!  Last nights episode just plain outright sucked!  The storyline sucked, the new SecNav sucks, and I did not like the new girl at all.  She sits on tables, desks and floors (maybe she doesn't know what a chair is for), asks for food, and lo and behold she can take down a grown man who has a gun just because she grew up with 3 brothers.  I call bulls**t on that one.  I grew up with a brother and a sister that used to beat me up all the time (you know how kids are), and I've had military training.  I'm about the same size as that new girl, and I honestly don't think that I could do what she did.  And besides, one good punch from a man and you're going down.

The whole analyst thing doesn't work for me either.  Papers spread out everywhere so she can figure out what the bad guy is going to do next.  I don't believe it.  No one knows what the bad guy is going to do next except for the bad guy.

And as a side note - someone in hair and makeup needs to fix her eyebrows.  I kept getting distracted by them.  Someone with long blonde hair should not have black eyebrows.  Just doesn't look right. 

The new SecNav lady?  Nope.  Just nope.  Who gets a big-a** pen in the mail and then carries it around in your pocket?  Anywaaaays.  I thought you had to have military service under your belt to be the Secretary of the Navy.  I could be wrong though - I don't know.  The character should be a stern, older man - in my opinion, that's more believable.  I think the reason they brought her in is just for Gibbs.  She does have red hair.       

And speaking of Gibbs - he was totally out of character and unbelievable.  It was like he phoned it in.  Not once did he say "Hey!!"  And what is with his stupid "never apologize - it's a sign of weakness"?  I know that's been around for a while, but really?

For each episode of NCIS I would sit for the whole hour so I wouldn't miss a second of the show.  Last night I got up twice and wandered around.  Not a good sign.              

Getting real tired of your s**t NCIS writers.

I predict that this is the beginning of the end.

Schewww - now I feel better.  I feel bad for my hubby though - I'm going to have to tell him all about it when he gets home.  :)   
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  1. I could not have said it better. I guess I will have to stick to reruns.

  2. Not seen that series yet in the UK only just seen ducky collapsing on the beach and the wedding of his colleague that's how its ended for us.I love Abby but I was starting to get very distracted as the storylines were not as good and I liked the csi's but they've finished Mac and Horatio's still watching the grissom ones now with Ted danson there still pretty good,apparently there is another out in america but i can't remember if it was a new ncis or CSI its not here yet.
    Love reading your posts :-)

    1. There is a show called 'NCIS LA' that's been on for a few years - it's good. :)

    2. That's the one I think it might be on sky TV I've seen it advertised and it did look great,sadly I cannot afford extra TV services like that,thank you for letting me know :-)

  3. Have to agree with you. This season sucks pond water. I want the old ncis back.

  4. Did they get new writers or something? Seems so un-NCISish to me. why mess with something that was great the way it was? Ughhhh!

  5. I have to tell you I still like my NCIS but some things do need to change...Like bring on a more believable female NCIS agent..

  6. you last two lines made me laugh!!!!
    I'm not a NCIS follower, never been, so I don't know what to say…..maybe, that you are right…?
    xxxxx Ale

  7. I am not a die-hard NCIS fan, although I do watch it often. I know when they brought Jamie Lee on there in the past I was not happy, she was just not the right person to try and hook up with Gibs, heck I am sure they could have found some gal out on the street who could have fit the part show is Person of Interest, and on Tuesday night they killed off the gal who is the Afro-American cop. I mean I just had a feeling during the last 5 minutes of the show that something funky was going to happen, and yep, sure enough, ya got the 2 main characters standing out in the open in a semi-lit alley street way and sure enough, the bad guy comes out of the dark and shoots both of them, killing her! Now for how many seasons has everyone been cautious and so careful, but not then, heck why the writers didn't just put a bull's eye target on them and strap neon lights to their bodies is beyond me. Then the gal who plays the part was on David Letterman last night and she said she was told when she took the part that her character was not a permanent person, that she would be gone. Well, I wish someone would have clued me in and told me, I love that gal, she helped make the show what it it will probably be like your NCIS, go to hell in a hand basket. I say shame on you writers, thanks for letting the viewers down!
    Susanne :(

    1. I agree Susanne - shame on the writers. They always seem to come up with stupid, unbelievable stuff. They end up ruining good things. :)


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