Tuesday, December 17, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

*  Spending time with family:

 =  dress shopping and lunch with daughter Erica on Saturday.

 = helping sister Laura with a little bit of their Christmas lights on Sunday and then staying for dinner.

*  Singing to my dogs Tex and Ladybug.  Do ya'll know the Cops tv show with the "Bad Boys" theme song?  Well I changed the words to:

"Bad dogs
bad dogs
whatcha gonna do?
whatcha gonna do when I come for you?"  (clever, huh?)

they sit there and look at me like they're thinking "we love you Mom, but we think you're going crazy."  I love my bad dogs.  :)

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  1. You ARE crazy and that is good.


  2. :) I don't know about the show but I think if they have seen the show then they might do some stunts. They might think that you singing this theme song to them calls for some action on their part;)


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