Tuesday, December 24, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* I saw a really cool shelf on Pinterest.  I printed out a picture, gave it to my husband Vince, and this is what he made for me:

you can find it here:  http://craftingitmyself.blogspot.com/2013/06/love-shelf.html

* Liz from 'Howling at the Moon' posted some snowflakes that she made with hama beads and I thought that they were pretty cool (pun intended) , so I headed out to AC Moore on Sunday and bought a bucket of Perler beads and made a few.  I also made a small Christmas tree.

I had a nice surprise when I was checking out.  The cashier girl gave me a coupon for 55% off, so the $9.99 bucket of Perler beads only cost me $4.50.  I was happy.  :) 
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  1. Your shelf turned our terrific Debi and your ornaments are really cute. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas. Heather

  2. Wow!!! Your shelf is awesome!!!! Your husband is super talented. :-) If I ask my husband to make for me, I'm sure he'll give me this expression "ME????? Are you out of your mind??? " :-P :D
    Love your tree. Wish there was an ACMoore and JoAnn in Toronto.
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Vince has done you proud Debi it's lovely, love your makes too! have a great Christmas. :)

  4. the shelf is fantastic!!!!!
    merry christmas Debi, xxxxxx Ale

  5. What a lovely shelf! Pinterest is a wonderful place! ^.^ Merry Christmas Debi!

  6. Love that shelf! :) Congrats on your awesome deal at AC Moore. :)

  7. Cute shelf. I miss my guy, he use to make all sorts of things for me and the girls. Your hubby did a good job. Isn't it great to find a good deal when shopping for crafty stuff. It was really nice of the gal to give you that coupon. I would make sure I went through her line every time I could, lol.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne ps...MERRY CHRISTMAS friend!

  8. The shelf looks amazing, Debi!! :) great job done by Vince!! It looks very sweet. I am sure this will be your proud possession :)


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