Sunday, January 26, 2014

~ a pink day ~

Saturday was a happy day (which will be a pink row in my mood blanket) - my grandson James came over for a visit and brought me a bracelet that he made for me.

He made it with those little tiny rubber bands that are the rage with the kids now.  He's made quite a few other bracelets that he has gifted to other family members and to some little girls at his school.  James loves the little girls.  :)

Vince, me and James went out to run a few errands and we stopped at McDonalds first to get some lunch.  While we were eating, a man came up to us and told us about the shooting at the Columbia Mall.  What a horrible thing to happen - I just don't understand what gets into peoples minds sometimes.  

After lunch we went to AC Moore so I could pick up a skein of Lion Brand Wool-ease chunky yarn.  Erica's soon-to-be mother-in-law Bev asked if I could crochet a hat for her, and wouldn't you know it - I didn't have the color in my stash that she wanted.  No matter - I love going to AC Moore anyway.  I also picked up 3 more bags of the little rubber bands for James.  He really liked that.

Then it was off to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things, and then to Giant to do some grocery shopping.  I don't like grocery shopping.  Especially when it's crowded.  It's amazing to me how many rude people there are out there.  Irritates me sometimes.

Here's a picture of me and James.  He loves to make silly faces in pictures.  I'm also holding him still a little bit - this little fella is a firecracker.  And I ain't gonna lie - I softened the picture a little bit - sometimes I just don't know where that old lady came from.  :)

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  1. One of my grandsons is a firecracker also, but he is also one of the first ones to help in the kitchen at large family gatherings..and don't we just love our firecrackers. Sounds like you had a wonderful day though!!

  2. Looks like you had a great Saturday with your grandson. You don't look that old! Besides, we are the "young generation", remember? :-) I agree about your comment concerning the mall shooting. What is wrong with people today? If you're angry with someone, you don't go around killing! Anyway on a brighter note, any excuse to buy more yarn is better than none. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Couldn't believe the news about the shooting, so awful-my heart goes out to those poor people :-(

    Your grandson is a cutie! How sweet of him to make that lovely bracelet for you <3 That's a lovely photo of you both

    I hope you have a peaceful evening and that your blanket has many more pink layers to come! xx

  4. Terrible what happened at the mall; you're right, I don't what people are thinking. Especially someone so young. You ran through my thoughts when I saw the story; you're the only person I know in Maryland.
    Sounds like you still had a fun day :-) And yes, any excuse to go a craft store is a good one.

  5. Love the bracelet Debi, my son has been making them also and giving them out as gifts. All these shootings lately are such a tragedy. My brother lives in the area as well and I wondered how far you (and he) were from the mall. Take care and stay warm. Heather

  6. I love your grandson's expression. He looks like a right handful.

    How tragic that you've had another public shooting. These are such a rarity here in the UK that I'm always saddened when news like this gets reported.

  7. Love the bracelet James made for you. They certainly are all the rage right now. Clayton made one for me, and I keep forgetting to take a picture of it. Mine is very colorful as he knows Gramma Rita likes all colors. :)

  8. sweet grandson!!!!
    ……you are not old!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  9. What a thoughtful grandson you have... :)) I love the firecracker I know what you mean..
    Your not old Debi :)) Have a great day .. hugs pat :))

  10. Nice to see you enjoying with James !! So sweet of him to make and gift such pretty bracelets :) I go grocery shopping on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

  11. Awesome bracelet and what a fun kiddo! I may need to try the softening trick. ;-)

  12. Sounds like fun day! Great picture with your grandson--boys are a riot! ;-)


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