Friday, January 3, 2014

~ stuff ~

I have to show ya'll one of the best gifts I received this Christmas.  My 7 yr. old grandson James gave me this - a package of 2 heart shaped fingernail polishes:

He bought it with his own money and wrapped it himself.  He also gave a set of screwdrivers to his Grandpa and a set of padlocks to his Uncle Bobby.  He's so thoughtful - I just love him silly.  ♥  


I finished up a hat for my great-nephew Justin.  His Mom (my niece Kristal) had asked me a while back if I could make him one, and I'm embarrassed to say that I forgot.  When I crocheted the pink Keppi yarn hat ( for his sister - it reminded me about his hat.  I hope he likes it.

My pattern version is posted here: 


We've got snow!!

p.s. this is not a movie - Google made the picture look like it's snowing.  Pretty cool.  :)

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  1. Such a sweet, thoughtful grandson you have :-) The hat came out great, and your puppy dogs look like they're having fun in the snow.
    Blessings :-)

  2. How sweet, a present straight from his heart!
    I'm glad we dont have any snow yet; infact, the temperature is like spring outside (don't worry, we'll get our winterproblems too)

  3. What a sweetie! Very thoughtful gift! :) That snowy trick is neat too. Send some snow my way, we haven't had any yet this winter. :)

  4. You have a great grandson! How sweet of him.
    I am glad we don't have any snow. I hope it stay that way.

    Groetjes, Monique

  5. That's so very sweet of James for such thoughtful gifts !! You are a proud grandma for sure:)
    The hat looks very cute!!:) keep yourself warm.

  6. What lovely gifts from your grandson, so sweet. The hat is lovely Debi and the snow looks very picturesque. :)

  7. Sweet gift - chosen with love especially for you. That's the best kind of gift.
    Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2014

  8. Your grandson is a sweetie, how cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2014, full of color and crochet!...and more yarn!

    xoxo Cindy from

  9. Grandchildren give the best gifts because they are from the heart. Love the snow picture but you can keep it!


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