Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* Found the prettiest crochet flower pattern while searching around Pinterest.  I crocheted one for Bev's hat.  You can find the pattern here:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/autumn-berry-flower 
Here's Bev's hat with the flower - I think it's the perfect touch.

* I made a video!  

(I've noticed that a couple of things are going to take 50 years - that must be one of my favorite sayings)

Have a great day ladies.  :)
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  1. Love the stitch. Nifty video too. :) I'd like to see the yarn winder too.

  2. Nice hat and i love the video. I thought i was the only one that does that while waiting. I love crocheting and making video in the car so much fun.

  3. Nice video Debi!! thanks for sharing the flower pattern!!
    Looking forward to your video adventures :)

  4. I agree; the flower is perfect for the hat. I like the color, too.
    Great video! I think that's the stitch used on the Bubbles baby blanket. And somewhere I think I read it was called the raspberry stitch. Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, it can take a while to do. The scarf's coming along nice.
    I'd love to see more videos :-)

  5. Debi, you are so funny! I loved your little video. I think the stitch is called a crunch stitch (maybe)? It gives a nice texture. I'd enjoy seeing your yarn winder. Have a great day and stay warm! Heather

  6. I think videos are a great idea! I'd love to see more. And to see your yarn winder, too.

  7. Love the hat, and I agree, the flower really adds to it. :) Looks like you had fun making a video. Something fun to help pass away the time. :)

  8. Your video is great! I loved to see you, hear your voice!! You are really a funny and lovely person Debi!!!!
    Please, make more videos!
    Xxxxxxxxxx Ale

  9. You are a hoot! Keep the videos coming!

  10. Love the video! You're a natural ;-)

  11. I enjoyed your video very much. I hope you do more in the future. I watched your yarn winder video as well. Both were very enjoyable. Your scarf is a gorgeous color and it is going to be beautiful when finished. I hope you will make some videos showing how to crochet things. I'm self taught and learn so much from watching videos. Thanks for sharing and keeping your blog for all of us to enjoy.
    Bobbie :)

  12. I'm suppose to be working right now but I'm busy catching up on all your videos! I love them. what are you filming yourself on (I mean what are you using - phone?)?

    1. Thanks Trish. I'm using my Sony Cyber-shot camera to make these videos. :)

  13. I love that you've started to share some videos! So much fun - I don't have the guts myself :D


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