Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~ guardian grandmas donation from Akhila and Asher's new hat ~

Hello everyone.  I've received another guardian grandmas donation - this one is from Akhila.  She has sent me a granny stripe baby blankie and 3 little hats.  Don't you just love those little hats?  Look at the pink one with the flower - it's adorable.  And the larger hat is very pretty - I love all the colors.  

Thank you so much Akhila - I appreciate your gift so much.  ♥


My great-nephew Asher with his new hat I crocheted for him.  ♥

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  1. That is adorable! Great donation! :) I'm not a grandma, but can I send a donation or two too?

    1. You certainly can Sarah - you can be an 'honorary grandma'. If you decide to donate, email me at for my mailing address. :)

  2. hello Debi the donation from Akhila is beautiful!

  3. So glad you like it Debi. I enjoy making them. I will be sending more soon

  4. The blanket is very nice and the hats are darling. Very kind and thoughtful donation. Heather

  5. Asher looks so cute in his new hat bless him, lovely donation from Akhila, what a beautiful blanket. :)

  6. The donations are very nice and your gnephew is adorable.

  7. Aww Asher is a darling!! :) He was so funny when he put his hat back on, lol.
    Lovely donations as well.


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