Monday, March 24, 2014

~ Moody Monday and a 'guardian grandmas' donation ~

Mar. 17th - Mar. 23rd:

Monday Mar. 17th: happy - pink = a good day
18th: I'm ok/content - aqua
19th: productive/creative - lime
20th: happy - pink = visit at Mom's, playing with knitting machine
21st: sad/pensive - yellow = not sad, just doing a lot of thinking
22nd: happy - pink = good day out with Vince
23rd: sick/pain - grey = headache


I received a 'guardian grandmas' donation from Marianna of 'Marianna's lazy daisy days' on Saturday.  Lots of cute little hats and a couple pair of booties.  So adorable.  Thank you very much Marianna.  ♥

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  1. As always, your afghan looks great, Debi! Love the little booties that were donated. So cute! :)

  2. Well done to all your G Grandmothers... They all do such fab work for the little ones :))

  3. Love the colours in your blanket. And what a lovely cute hats and booties! X

  4. your blanket is very pretty Debi, lovely donations from Marianna :)

  5. Hola, que bonito es lo que est├ís haciendo con las donaciones y los gorros son preciosos y la manta preciosa¡¡¡

  6. Happy Tuesday! Mood blanket looking good.

  7. I wanted to do a mood blanket but can never stick with a schedule. I started journaling in late December and by the first week of January I had pushed it to the side. :/ Lovely donations. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Love all these colors, Debi! They make me think of ice cream,....which is making me go to the freezer right now and get some(!) Beautiful work!

  9. Those hats are in such delicious colors. Your blanket is looking good.

  10. The blanket is looking fab Debi, I love all those colours together.
    Loving the donated baby items as well, they're so cute.


  11. They are so adorable.....the booties are cute too....wonderful .!

  12. Nice to see my little hats and booties! I had fun making them and I have donated more here in the UK too.
    Best wishes to all Guardian Grandmas.

  13. Nice donation and such pretty colors. Will be sending you a few things soon as I complete the second blankie.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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