Monday, April 14, 2014

~ Moody Monday ~

Monday April 7th - April 13th:

7th: happy - pink = 2 'guardian grandmas' donations
8th: productive/creative - lime = regular stuff & I did the taxes
9th: I'm ok/content - aqua
10th: happy - pink = another 'guardian grandmas' donation
11th: I'm ok/content - aqua
12th: productive/creative - lime = same old busy-ness
13th: happy - pink = dinner at Erica's

(I need to start weaving in those ends)

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  1. It is coming along nicely:)

  2. Oh those "hairy" ends. Seems like I double my production time if I don't do them as I go along. It looks nice and cheerful.--S

  3. For something like this blanket it's good you aren't in the same mood every day ;-) I like the blanket how it turns out now, very nice!

  4. I really like how that is coming out, its really a pretty blanket.

  5. It's so pretty Debi, if you have decided to weave the ends in, I would definitely make a start then you won't have them all to face at the end. :)

  6. Your blanket is really getting big. I like the colors you picked, it looks very colorful and cheery. Happy Monday Debi. Heather

  7. It's looking wonderful, but oh, those pesky ends! Crochet would go so much faster if we didn't have to deal with them. Have a great day :-)

  8. Ooooo, those colors!! Reminds me of rainbow sherbet! Delightful!

  9. I haven't tried this method yet but if you scroll all the way to the end of this post she tells you how she did her casing edge. No weaving in ends!

  10. Looking good. Why don't you crochet over the ends?

    1. Thanks Charlotte. At the beginning, I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with the ends, so I left them out in case I wanted to use them as fringe. I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do with them. :)

  11. Looking good!!

    Well, we finally picked up some polymer clay to try making some handles... eek!! I'm petrified. ;-) I'd really rather hubby just carved some with the lathe. Pretty tedious, though! =D

  12. I'm loving the look of this, it's so pretty.
    Well done Debi!!


  13. Weaving in the ends, sounds like funny Debi, I'm so glad you get to do that and not me. Not my favorite job, lol
    have fun....
    Susanne :)


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