Monday, April 21, 2014

~ Moody Monday ~

Monday April 14th - 20th:

14th:  I'm ok/content - aqua
15th:  sick/pain - grey = feeling like I'm in slow motion for most of the day
16th:  irritated/grouchy - lavender = stupid, irritating cable company - they have been charging me for phone service since January, and I do not use them for my phone.  The last time the cable man was here, he changed our modem.  The phone is included on the modem.  I did not know that.  From now on I will scrutinize the heck out of the bills they send me.
17th:  bored - off white
18th:  irritated/grouchy - lavender = went to Giant (grocery store), finished my shopping and walked up to lane 10.  I looked up to make sure the lane light was on.  I stood in line for a good 5 minutes (maybe more).  The lady in front of me turned around and said "the cashier says she's closing after me".  I just looked at her for a minute or two because I couldn't believe it, and then said "well, ok" and moved over to lane 9.  After standing in that line for a few minutes, another cashier walks up and says to the lady in front of me "Ma'am, I can take you on lane 11".  Wait a minute - what about me?  I started to get a little irritated then - and I stayed irritated - ruined the rest of my day.  
19th:  happy - pink = good day out with Vince and Bobby.
20th:  happy - pink = Happy Easter! 


(see the 2 fireman trying to get into the car window?)

Who in the world calls the fire department because they can't get into their car?
Calls like this is probably why Vince's shed burned down quite a few years back.  Glenn Dale Fire Dept. (which is like 15 minutes away) showed up before the Bowie Fire Dept. (which is like 1 minute away).  When they did finally show up, all they did was tear the walls down and watch it burn - they didn't bring out the water until the end.  I felt so bad for Vince - he lost everything.

Well anyways - I'm gonna quit fussing now.  I wish you all a great day.  :)

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  1. Happy Monday Debi. Even though the lavender and gray days mean you didn't have a happy day, they look nice mixed in with the other colors in your blanket. Wishing you a peaceful and contented day today. Heather

  2. Hi Debi :-) I'm sorry you had a rough few days. On the bright side, it makes the good days even better. Your blanket's looking great. I'm happy to see lots of pink in there.
    It's a shame when people waste a fireman's time. I would understand it if there was a baby or a dog locked in the car (I've seen both), but other than that there's no reason to call them. Tim says they get a lot of nuisance calls like that. You're right; it slows them down for real emergencies.
    Have a wonderful day :-)

  3. Sounds like you have had quite a week Debi, I hope that this is going to be a better one. :)

  4. I'm praying for you to have several great days in a row to make up for the frustrating ones you've had lately. Your mood blanket is coming along nicely though. Wish we could have a sit n crochet group, that would be neat, sit and crochet and chat our troubles away. :) Hope the rest of your day goes good!

  5. Your blanket is looking nice...even if you have had some irritating days recently. ;)

  6. I would have been very Lavender with your cable company and grocery store too! I'm Lavender on your behalf right now!
    I sure hope that you're having a very Pink day today! ♥

  7. I hope today is looking brighter!

    And Happy Easter! (since I didn't pop over here this weekend...) ;-)

  8. Stupid people! I see you can't stomach stupidity either!

  9. I'm sorry you've had a difficult time Debi, hope this next week is better.
    Have to say though, the blanket looks great even so.


  10. You do great work, and have really good ideas... Lots of creativity...I will keep watching you... thanks.

  11. Wishing you lots of more PINK days!!.. And love how your afghan is coming along! ~tina

  12. just reading about your 16th and 18th has stressed me out! omg. I can totally relate to being irritated at that stupid stuff. your blanket is looking great!


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