Monday, May 12, 2014

~ Moody Monday and a campground video ~

Mon. May 5th - May 11th:

5th:  happy - pink = got the tv straightened out
6th:  tired - blue = Vince and I have been walking a lot
7th:  productive/creative - lime = made a video
8th:  happy - pink = at the campground
9th:  happy - pink = "   "    "
10th:  happy - pink = "   "    "
11th:  happy - pink = at the campground and then back home


I hope you enjoy the ride.  :)

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  1. Debi, I think you need your own tv show. You are really going to town with these videos. ha! :) Your mood blanket is coming along nicely. Have a great week. Tammy

  2. Nice to see so much happy pink in your blanket Debi, thank you for taking us to the camp ground, it seems huge, what a lovely place to spend your free time. :)

  3. Your blanket is so pretty, Debi! Sorry that I can't watch your videos because of the bandwidth issue, but I'm sure you understand. We're already almost at our limit, and we have another week to go before it resets. :O

  4. Your blanket looks lovely !! I enjoyed watching the campground!! It's fun to be there away from regular routine :)

  5. Well that was a real treat to see the camp ground, Thankyou :)) and hello to" Vince" .... :))

  6. Really enjoyed the tour of your campgrounds! It is really a nice one, love your trailer. Thank you for letting us see it, it is so nice inside!

  7. Five times happy pink, well I think that is something good:) Your blanket looks lovely, the stripes are so nice.

  8. Fun video! Love that hubby was trying to scare you going toward that water. ;-) Your blanket is coming along beautifully!

  9. What a neat place to spend time away from home. I love the lake. Where exactly is this located?
    Thanks for sharing your time with all of us

    1. Hi Dee. The campground is located in Thornburg, Virginia - it's called Indian Acres. :)

  10. Wow, thanks for the video. Looks like fun. We do not have this concept of campground or even RVs in India. Lovely trailer. For me "a change" means parking our family in a hotel room where I do not have to make beds or do the dishes and room service brings me whatever I feel like eating...haha. Lazy!...I know, but also super fun, a much deserved break from routine.

  11. Love your blanket Debi, it looks even nicer each time you show it.

    Really enjoyed the tour of the camp ground and trailer, what a great place to be!!
    Had to laugh when you said to Vince about him being on the wrong side, lol
    It looked right to me!! ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing



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