Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~ a question - updated ~

Do any of my regular commenters have a Serger?


Thanks ladies.  I will be using this machine soon to sew up my ghost outfit for next Halloween at the campground (need to start early so I can be sure to get it done correctly in time) and I was hoping that there would be friends out there that I could ask questions as I go along.  

The fabric I will be using is called 'silkiennce' (I think that's how it's spelled) and I was wondering what the 4 tension wheels should be set on.

Thank you Linus Blanketeer - you answered a couple of my questions before I asked them.  You must of read my mind.

Thank you all so much.  ♥
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  1. I do Debi :-) a 792D Elna :-):-)

  2. I don't, but my neighbor does if you have any questions about it.

  3. I have a Baby Lock ... Why??

  4. I don't, I hope someone will reply to help you out. Have a good evening Debi. Heather

  5. No, wish I did though. I have no idea how they work, but I think its neat how the serge stitch looks on fabric.

  6. Yes I do. I have had it for years and never fired it up......for some reason I feel intimidated by it. I really need to get over that.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. When I was younger, and could see, I had an Elna L5 and loved it.It was the backbone of creating a professional wardrobe.

    The key to successful serging is careful threading of the machine, the right needle(s) and faithful care of the machine. Regular cleaning and oiling at home and every couple of years a thorough going over at the dealer.

    Each machine threads differently and even machines within a brand.

    Do you have a specific question?

  8. Good morning Mrs. Debi.....that is a good sewing machine......mine is just a regular Singer.That it would be a great Christmas Gift..... have a wonderful week ... ;)

  9. Yes, I do. This is my 2nd serger. I only finish seams with mine.

  10. I do but it's broken.
    I miss it lol

  11. It was very unusual to have to change the normal tension settings for different fabrics. My machine stayed the same for fashion fabric or lining. BUT, every machine has its own temperment.

    My suggestion would be to find the manual - online if you don't have one - and follow the threading directions to the letter. Then, I'd test it on a sturdy fabric with some body, spray starched cotton/blend. Something like they use at the sewing machine stores that has some substance to it.

    Keep your note pad by the machine and note your tension changes until you hit the sweet spot. Then, try scraps of your project fabric.

    Of course, it's a Halloween costume. Small sins can slip by.

    There are LOTS of good sites out there with tips and advice. As always, Google is your friend but always go with Baby Locks suggestions first. The one suggestion that NEVER worked for me was to tie new thread to old and pull in through so that you have the machine threaded correctly. I just got better results with completely removing all the thread, brushing out the lint and threading the new from scratch - following the directions to the letter.

    Feel free to send any queries - linusblanketeer at gmail

    Helen C.

    1. Thank you so much for all the info Helen. The machine's tension wheels are still set at the same position from when I used the machine for fleece and flannel fabrics. I'll use that and see what happens. Like you said, it is a Halloween costume, so it doesn't have to be perfect. It'll be a good project to re-aquaint myself with the machine. Thanks again. :)


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