Tuesday, May 20, 2014

~ Two on Tuesday ~

***car edition***

* Aren't these cute?  I think I want car lashes for my car now.

* A pink Hummer.  I would love one of these too.  :)  


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  1. Watching you crochet fascinates me because I hold my hook like a pencil. That's the way I taught myself. Love the eyelashes and especially the pink Hummer. I have told my family I need a Hummer to go yard saling! :-)

  2. I love the car lashes. I just saw them for the first time a little while ago. I couldn't stop looking at the car.
    I think you should get them...they are so cute!

  3. The lashes are great; I love seeing them on cars. You should get some for your cruiser.
    That irritates me, too, people being lazy about trash. Worst thing is used diapers in the parking lot. Nasty!
    Looking forward to seeing the completed piggy cocoon. Yup, definitely a national emergency when you're out of a yarn color you need. At least, it is for me :-) The smaller mermaid cocoon is looking good; I love the color.
    Great pictures of the beaver dam and his progress with the trees.
    Have a terrific day :-)

  4. Love the eyelashes and the pink hummer! :)

  5. Those eyelashes are so funny I would love some like that. I enjoyed your video Debi you are getting quite the expert. Looking forward to seeing the piggy cocoon. :)

  6. Beavers! Such an industrious little animal! Really nice video, Debi. Everytime you mention A.C. Moore I count down the weeks until I can shop there. We don't have a store here, so I shop at the ones in Central NY (where my sons live). I like the bags of mill-ends. Please take care & keep filming!

  7. Hola, las pestañas quedan muy divertidas en un coche y me gusta el vídeo.

  8. The eyelashes on the car is a nice girly idea!! The smaller mermaid cocoon looks lovely :) I don't think the doilies will shrink that much since you have already washed. If there is a shrinkage in T-shirt too, then you can try on one of them.

  9. Those lashes are SO cute!!
    I don't think I'd be allowed them on my car but I would love them if I could, lol
    Loved the beaver dam.

    Can't wait to see the piggy cocoon now.



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