Monday, June 2, 2014

~ Moody Monday ~

Oh my goodness - I can't believe I almost forgot that today was Moody Monday.

May 26th through June 1st:

May 26th:  I'm ok/content - aqua
27th:  irritated/grouchy - lavender = Vince's new phone was messed up - finally got it right
28th:  sad/pensive - yellow = my brother-in-law Frankie's father, Mr S. passed away late last night.  (Frankie is married to my sister Julie)
29th:  I'm ok/content - aqua
30th:  I'm ok/content - aqua
31st:  productive/creative - lime = I made 2 videos and decorated a tshirt
June 1st:  happy - pink = out and about with Vince and Bobby

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  1. Hi Debi - I'm from Australia and new to your blog. I have been watching some of your videos.

    That is a very pretty blanket. It must take a whole to sew in all the ends.


  2. It's growing well and looks so good Debi. :)


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