Tuesday, June 3, 2014

~ Two on Tuesday ~

Two of my all-time favorite crochet patterns:

* the round ripple - I absolutely love this pattern.  I was using Angel Fire's pattern, but for some reason it's not being shared anymore.  The two sites where the pattern was posted say "sorry, page not found."  I don't know why the designer decided not to share with us anymore, but it's a shame.  I love that pattern and I know a lot of my readers love it too.  It's a good thing I have the pattern memorized.

* the granny square - who doesn't love the granny square?  It's a very versatile pattern that you can use to make anything from coasters to an afghan.

I love crochet.  :)

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  1. If it was on a website or a hosted blog sometimes people don't want to pay the cost of the host anymore and they let the site lapse. It doesn't always indicate they don't want to share, sometimes they just aren't able to keep up the site anymore and it when the time to renew comes they let it expire. The Yellow House was caught in time and encouraged to put their patterns on Ravelry before they were all lost. I suspect others do retire their patterns. It is a shame we don't have a chance to talk with them and make sure before they exit the Internet.

    Sometimes you can find lost links on the Wayback machine if you lose a pattern and you still have the old link.

  2. Lovely blankets Debi, I love the round ripple too but your ferris wheel blanket pattern is just as nice. :)

  3. Pretty baby blankets Debi. My mom has been here, so I'm a bit behind on my favorite blogs. Hope you are doing well. Hugs, Heather

  4. Hola, que bonitas son las dos mantas¡¡¡¡

  5. I love your crochet too!
    I so enjoy seeing all the things you make. Shame about the pattern. I made a round ripple ages back now but I didn't keep the pattern.


  6. I loooove crochet and I loooove you!
    Thanks for wait me, Debi....
    I hope that you and your family are well!
    Thanks... thanks... thanks...
    Kisses and a big hug from Catalonia!

  7. Hi Debi, that's a shame about the ripple pattern it was lovely :-(
    I LOVE the humble granny square and all the different variations (especially your ones x)

  8. Lovely baby blankets!! The round ripple looks sooo symmetric. Its such a beautiful pattern. And I love granny squares. the blue and gray blend together so well. Have to try this combo.
    And I love your crochet too! :-)

  9. Sent you a comment from my iPad today and don't see it here. Maybe you haven't read it yet? possibly, or for some reason it just landed out in cyber space floating around?
    Have a good weekend,
    Susanne :)

    1. Hi Susanne. I didn't see a comment from you earlier. I checked my spam folder and nothing there either. But that's ok - I got this one and that's good. :)

  10. Thank you all very much ladies. :)

  11. Hi Mrs debi....here is a free pattern and everyone can download it for FREE....it is a baby ripple blanket....Have a wonderful weekend .
    This is the link http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-ripple-baby-blanket

    :) Luna ;)

  12. Another pattern .... http://rosereddesigns.blogspot.com/2011/02/rosereds-12-point-round-ripple-free.html

  13. Anothar baby blanket pattern and free....love this one Mrs. Debi ;) .... http://stitcheryprojects.com/2013/03/05/lacy-round-ripple-blanket/

  14. Another pattern....Sorry Mrs Debi..... just want to help http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple
    Free to Download it

  15. oh no! That's not good that it's not shared anymore. :( I love round ripples, but I haven't made one in quite awhile (couldn't crochet for awhile due to chemical allergy damage on my hands). So I didn't have it memorized.


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