Friday, July 25, 2014

~ crochet bits ~

Here's my progress on the variegated squares blanket.  Not much, but it's coming along.

I've started a baby blanket working with 2 strands of yarn.  One strand is white and the other is Red Heart Kids in 'playful'.  I'm using an L hook.  It's soft and squishy.

When I was at Joann's getting the outdoor fabric for my porch chairs, I also picked up this bag of red and black yarn.  It's one of those Mill Ends bags, so I don't know what brand it is.  I thought it was interesting - good colors to make a scarf for a man with.  

My pattern designing has taken a back seat to everything else that's been going on.  I have to get back to that.  I do have a few ideas floating around my head - just need to do them.  When summer school is over (one more week to go), I'm going to the campground, so maybe I'll get some work done there and have some patterns to share with you when I get back.

Have a great day ladies and I'll see ya next time.  :)
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  1. Your squares blanket is looking great, Debi :-) I like the mill ends bag you picked up; yes, that would make a nice, manly scarf. Looking forward to seeing your completed baby blanket. Have a nice day :-)

  2. Beautiful blanket. Love the end mill colors. If you had enough that would be a beautiful fall/winter blanket.

  3. Your blanket looks great Debi. I really like your joining method, I know you have it posted here somewhere. The mill ends are also good college colors. I think UC (in my neck of the woods) colors are red and black. Have a great day. Heather

    1. Thanks Heather. The link to the joining is on the right sidebar - it's called 'joining grannies'. :)

  4. Granny square blanket looking good. Hope you have a great time at the campground.

  5. I love that blanket, it looks so abstract (I hope this is the right word).

    Have a nice weekend.


  6. Your blanket is already looking very nice.
    I love the Red Heart Kids in 'playful' yarn. It's a pity it's not for sale in the Netherlands. I love the colours.

    Groetjes, Monique

  7. Your variegated blanket is looking so nice. Love it! Also love the colors for your baby blanket. I think I have a bag of that same red and black yarn. Got it a while back. I also got a bag of black and yellow, and gray and blue. :)

  8. That red and black yarn is perfect for a men's scarf. Your variegated blanket is lovely. Love the mixture of colours. X

  9. Such a pretty table your husband made for you! And the variagated squares .... color happiness!

  10. I liked your blanket, Debi!!:) it looks like fabric patchwork. Red and black yarn looks nice.

  11. Hello Debi,
    Your variegated squares blanket is already looking great!
    Hope you will have a lovely week!

  12. Nice work on the blanket Debi!

    Enjoy the camping ground. i know you will.


  13. The variegated blanket is coming along. Sometimes we just need to be in the mood to work on certain things. I know how much you love being at the camp ground. With all the fresh air and peace and quiet I'm sure you will be inspired to do some neat projects.
    Have a good week Debi.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. The colours are pretty in the new rug... :)) The red and black yarn would make a great footy scarf :)
    have a great week Debi hugs pat :))


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