Friday, August 22, 2014

~ 6 rows done and bits & pieces #3 ~


(this is not the bus - just a picture my husband took)

Note to anyone who wants to try to pass a Metro bus on the right when the bus is making a right hand turn - DON'T DO IT!!
My husband squished a car yesterday.
It was not my husband's fault - the car driver was charged by police.
One lane means one vehicle.
Sometimes I wonder about people.

p.s. my husband is Body Shop lead man, but also does mechanical work.  He was heading back to the shop after a test drive.

** no one was hurt **

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  1. Just beautiful. Is that joining method difficult? May I ask what it is called?
    I see I am going to have to get more into variegated yarn.
    Sure is purty. :o)

    1. Thank you Sandra. The link to the joining I use is over on the right sidebar - it's called 'joining grannies with the flat braid method'. :)

  2. Your blanket's looking great so far, Debi :-) I love the mix of colors.
    People can be so stupid! I see that happen all the time. Glad to hear the idiot driver got charged, not your husband. And hopefully no one was hurt.

  3. There are some idiot drivers out there that's why I hate driving so much! I'm pleased no one was hurt. I love your blanket Debi it's so pretty. Have a great weekend :)

  4. Your blanket looks great! Sorry to hear about the squishing incident, but am glad nobody was hurt!

  5. Your afghan is lovely. Glad to hear that no one got hurt.

  6. So glad no one was hurt in the accident. No wonder you guys would rather be at the camp ground. I don't blame you. Your afghan turned out so pretty. I like everything about it, it looks great. I like how you joined the blocks too. Even Ladybug looks like she is happy to see it done. Have a great weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. Lovely blanket!
    I'm glad nobody is hurt.

  8. I'm glad no one was injured in the accident and that your hubby is OK. Your blanket is really pretty Debi. Looks like a fun project. Heather

  9. Absolutely LOVE the blanket!

  10. Afghan looking good! Glad no one was hurt in accident!

  11. Gorgeous blanket Debi!

    Do glad no-one was hurt.


  12. The blanket is now beautiful, Debi! I'm sad for the accident but I'm glad to know that there are not wounded! Have a nice day!

  13. I adore the colours in the blanket Debi and the baby pink just sets it all off. I echo everyone else that's commented about the accident! x

  14. Blanket looks beautiful. Glad DH is OK. I took public transit this week after a very long break and was amazed at how many people attempted death by bus. I will never understand why people can't understand the basic rule that bus squishes car in any interaction.

  15. So pleased everyone is ok , but still a shock just the same.. ..
    hugs :))pat

  16. I love how your blanket looks! it's coming along nicely and I really like your joining!

  17. I love how your blanket is looking!! It's so pretty.
    Glad no one was hurt


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