Thursday, September 11, 2014

~ 9-11 ~

I remember being horrified that the U.S. was under attack.  

I remember being terrified because we thought our brother-in-law was working at the Pentagon that day.

I remember feeling a great sense of relief and thankfulness when we found out that he did not go there that day.

I remember being shocked because I realized I was watching people die on television.

I remember crying.

I remember feeling helpless because there was nothing I could do.

I remember feeling such great anger.

I remember wanting revenge.

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  1. I remember that sad day well. My now late husband said at the time ..."the world will never be the same again" ... he was right. xox

  2. I can not forget that fateful day, Debi ...
    and as always last years, today I remember the firefighters, police, all the people who lived that horror ...
    do not forget never... never... . All my support to their families and the American people.
    Today is the National Day of Catalonia, my country. At 17:14 hours in BARCELONA.
    We hope the world will listen us. There will be a V, with the following meaning:
    WILL (voluntat in catalan), VOTE (votar in catalan) and VICTORY (victòria en catalan) .
    We, the Catalans, hopefully one day we can celebrate our Independence Day.
    Above all we are a peaceful people.

  3. My son (who is now almost 19) remembers too. He joined the Army because of 9/11. So he is now in BCT training and graduates in a few weeks. He is an Army soldier and will defend our blessed country.

    1. God Bless your son Niki - he is a good man. :)

  4. I was at work and really didn't grasp the whole ordeal until later that night while watching it on TV. We will never forget.

  5. Celebrating my hubbies birthday with YD who was on leave ... Never will forget that day... or the many folk who lost their lives.... sad day ....

  6. That was a sad day, the worst ever inhuman act. Now they have threatened our country. Until now we had threats from adjacent two neighbouring countries but now the people beyond these countries are sending scary warnings.

  7. Wow--I can't imagine the fear of thinking your family was there that day! Incredibly awful.

  8. Hola, yo recuerdo ese día con mucho miedo desde Barcelona.

  9. I posted about 9/11 this year, too. My uncle had a meeting at the Pentagon that morning, aunt was panicked until she heard from him. Amazing how one day can change so much, but it did. My youngest two are 13 & 16 -- just wee ones back then. My daughter cried watching the video of the towers falling as did I. It made my son angry. My brother in law served in Iraq as well as Afghanistan and is now retired. So thankful for the freedom we still enjoy in America! Thanks for posting, ~Lisa


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