Sunday, September 28, 2014

~ 'guardian grandmas' donations and Halloween stuff ~

What a great end to the week.  I received 2 big 'guardian grandmas' donations from Kate and Sandra W.
Kate (of Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun) sent a stuffed bag full of adorable baby hats - 50 to be exact.  50!!  Wow Kate - you've certainly been busy and I thank you so much!!  ♥

The next donation is from Sandra W.  Sandra has also been busy.  Look at these gorgeous baby blankets!  I love them!  I have to say though - if I was a baby, I would love to have that pink and orange blanket - it's so soft and squishy!!

(if I'm not mistaken, it's crocheted with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn)

These 2 soft and squishy blankets are crocheted with the same type of yarn.

I absolutely love this classic granny square blanket.

I love this blanket too - so pretty. 

Thank you so much Sandra and Kate!  I appreciate all of the hard work you've put into these beautiful donations.  ♥


My sister Laura and I are getting things ready for the Haunted TeePee at the campground.  As you may remember, our sister Teri used to be the "Mistress of Horror" and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  When she passed away at the end of 2012, we all decided to carry on in her name.  Last year was my first time participating and I'm definitely not a Halloween-scary type person, but I did have fun.  Scaring people is fun - watching them scream and hug each other, but not the little kids - I didn't scare them.  Who brings their small children into a Haunted TeePee anyway?  I'm talking about children that are small enough to be carried and are already crying before they even get in the place.  Makes absolutely no sense to me.  Well anyways - I've got most of the costumes washed and hanging up in garment bags.  If you count the hangers, you can see that there is 16.

Here are some masks that I washed.  Vince strung up a line so I could hang them out to dry.  Today I will be brushing them.

Do you think I should use this baby to show off all my crocheted baby items?  Ha-ha.
(pay no attention to me - I was sick for the last day and a half)

Tex and Ladybug have a new friend.  Actually, Tex didn't even bother with it - Ladybug kept sniffing it and trying to turn it over.  I wonder what she was thinking?

Since I'm going to be busy with the Haunted TeePee preps, I probably won't be around blog-land too much.  Laura and I have a few trips to make to the campground and internet service is not good there at all since we are in the woods.  
'guardian grandmas' donations will be posted, and emails/questions will be answered when I'm able.

See ya when I can.  :)

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  1. What kind of stitch is that orange and pink blanket crocheted in? All those donations are so pretty!

    1. Hi Softie. The pink and orange blanket is crocheted with the hdc. :)

  2. Have fun Debi!!!!!
    great donations, btw!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  3. Oh my...those ladies outdone themselves with those wonderful GG donations! Great work, ladies! :) Have fun with your spooky stuff. lol I, too, am not much for the scary stuff...and like you said, especially scaring little children. I do like the cutesy aspects of Halloween. Cute li'l jack-o-lanterns, cute li'l black cats, etc. ;)

  4. Lovely donations from Kate and Sandra, that baby gave me the creeps the stuff that nightmares are made of, I'm not too sure about those masks that are hanging on your line either!! Enjoy your haunted teepee preps. :) xx

  5. Ha,ha! Love the baby! Can you imagine what your neighbors are thinking when they see your "wash" hanging out to dry? :-) What a load of goodies for your Grandma Guardians!

  6. What a great set of donations. Love all the hats and blankets; the GG's and HGG's have been busy! Enjoy your time at the campground. Hugs, Heather

  7. I loved everything about your blog post today -- but especially seeing your beautiful face -- even though you said you'd been sick. I sure hope you are feeling better.

    1. You are so sweet Bev - thank you so much. :)

  8. Beautiful blankets! I like the pink and orange one too. Glad to see the hats arrived safely. Have fun with your Halloween prep :-)

  9. Craft people are so generous with their time and yarn.. beautiful colours for little ones..
    Enjoy your time at the lakes.. Lots of fun coming up :)) thanks for stopping by Debi :))
    hugs pat :))

  10. wow those donations are incredible! what amazing gifts everyone is sending and you are doing such a great services taking these items (and making your own) to the hospital.

    Thank you Debi!

    1. Thanks to you Trish for being an honorary guardian grandma. :)

  11. Wonderful donations Debi. Such beautiful little hats and the lovely blankets as well. Really nice.

    Ladybug and Tex look so cute there, trying hard to ignore their new 'friend', lol

  12. Hola, te felicito por el trabajo tan grande que haces para ayudar a la gente.

  13. OMG Debi ... that doll looks so evil !!! Always enjoy seeing what the Guardian Grandmas send to you and I love watching your videos. Hope you have fun at the campground for halloween. xox


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