Friday, October 3, 2014

~ bits & pieces #7 ~

I finished up this 'asymmetrical round ripple' yesterday, and to be honest with you - I don't like it very much.  I should of put stripes in it - stripes would of shown the pattern a lot better.  My next one will have stripes for sure.

I went to AC Moore Wednesday and this is what I got.  A new pair of reader glasses that are just so cute.  The sides are pink and they have rhinestones on the front.  A large jar candle - the scent is 'pumpkin spice' - that only cost $3.33!  Definitely a bargain on that.  I also bought a pack of safety pins for the 'guardian grandmas' - I use them to attach the cards to the donations.  And last but not least - 4 skeins of Vanna White Tapestry yarn in the colorway 'Peru'.  This will be the first time that I will be crocheting with this yarn.  It feels soft and squishy, so I think I will like it.

I had bought this yarn from AC Moore a couple of weeks ago.  As you can see it's in a mill-ends bag so I don't know what brand of yarn this is.  It feels like acrylic and it is a boucle.  I usually don't like working with boucle because it's tricky to see the stitches, but I've been wanting to crochet a poncho for myself using the granny stitch and I figured it will be ok since I will be crocheting in the ch-1 spaces.  So far, so good.

It's huge!!

That's it for now, so I will see ya'll next time.  Have a great day!!  :)

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  1. Your blanket came out nice even if you can't see the pattern. The color's pretty :-) Great finds at AC Moore. I've never used Vanna's Tapestry yarn, but I like her other brands. I'm the same way with boucle yarn; I'll only use it if I make a project where the stitches go in the chain spaces. Looking forward to seeing your completed shawl :-) Take care.

  2. Hi Debi, happy Friday! I like your RR and the color you used. Stripes probably would show off the pattern, but the completed one is very pretty. Can't wait to see your poncho, sounds like a fun project. Heather

  3. Hi Debi...Sure wish we had AC Moore in my neck of the woods. You always find the best things there.
    I like your round ripple but see what you mean about it. When I looked at it I immediately thought...If it had some striping our outer border design it would make it really pop. No it doesn't show the striping but the colors in the yarn are pretty.
    Hope you Halloween preparations are going well....

  4. I like the blanket the way it is now. Maybe a round of white yarn will finish it more, but I think it's not nescessary.

  5. Hi Mrs Debi....wishing you a great weekend !....the blanket is so cute.Good deals at AC Moore ahhhhh !

  6. Your blanket is cute. :) Love the color of the Tapestry yarn. Have never used it, but it sure looks nice! I'm with you on the boucle yarn. You're wise using it the way you are. :) Love those pink glasses!!

  7. Your ripple blanket is lovely but I do agree with you that stripes would look good too. Love the yarn and will look forward to seeing your poncho. I keep promising myself that I'll make a nice shawl to wear in the winter but somehow just never seem to get around to it. Have a nice weekend. xox

  8. I think the ripple is just fine Debi but stripes would be good too. I love all your buys, I know what you mean about the boucle yarn, I always have difficulty using it but can manage with a large sized hook, good luck with your poncho, your reading glasses are pretty, there are some really nice one's out there, the last one's I bought had a black background with flowers all over them and I love them. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  9. Your ripple looks nice Debi:) I agree that the pattern will be more clearly visible in stripes. The new yarn looks lovely.
    And that huge ball is really verrrrryyy big ! Happy weekend:)

  10. Love trying new yarn! Blanket turned out well. Good luck with the poncho.

  11. Wow Debi, love that asymmetrical ripple,so that new yarn thats going to keep you busy. have a lovely week Xxxxx


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