Thursday, June 18, 2015

~ 10 pieces of cheese, Laura ~

While I was at the campground, I started putting together the scrappy squares.  It was getting too hot to handle, so I would attach one or two squares and then put it down.  The temps were around 97 degrees, but it felt like 107 degrees.  We have 2 fans on the porch, but breaks to go into the trailer with air conditioning and trips to the pool kept us sane.

I'm also working on a pink baby blanket for my granddaughter-to-be.  Wow, that sounds funny to say - granddaughter - I've been saying grandson for almost 16 years now (William is almost 16, James is 9).
The pattern is the 'simply pretty' pattern with two rounds of granny stitch instead of one.  The colors are 'pretty n pink' and 'soft pink'.

I bought these two skeins of Red Heart with Love - color is 'fruit punch'.  I'll most likely crochet a baby cocoon with it.

Laura and I made a video while at the campground.  There's a little bit of crochet and plastic canvas - and a little bit of the campground.  :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Thank god for air conditioning! Congratulations on your future granddaughter.

  2. Your scrappy squares is lookin' good! I like how you're doing the joining. Nice! Love the afghan for your granddaughter, too. I bet you're excited about getting to work with "girl colors". :)

  3. Your squares blanket is looking great, Debi :-) How are you doing the join? And the baby blanket is so pretty; I'm so happy for you to have a granddaughter! Pretty new yarn. Love the video. Hee hee! Cheese police!!

  4. yay for a baby girl! that's so exciting and I LOVE the blanket you're making for her.

  5. Your scrappy squares blanket is very cute and the pink one looks so soft and lovely:)

  6. Beautiful! I get so excited and motivated when I see your posts! :o) Right now I'm finishing up some prayer shawls for friends and then I can't wait to start on an afghan for my son , gold and purple- the Vikings colors. :o)

  7. I love, love your scrappy squares blanket. So happy for you on your future baby granddaughter, I just became a new Vavo (grandmother in Portuguese) 😄 it's the best feeling in the world 💖

  8. The 10 pieces of cheese was HYSTERICAL So wish I had a sister!

  9. Hola Debi, que bonitas son las dos mantas y la de su nieta quedará preciosa con esos colores. Disfrute del camping.

  10. I love your scrappy squares blanket Debi and I like the way you are joining it too. I bet you are so excited to be getting a grand daughter just think of all the lovely pink things you can make for her! keep cool and have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Pretty pink blanket! Did you ever make that available? I am looking for a girly pattern for a soon to be baby girl. The colors are Winnie The Pooh colors. I have RhSS yarn in Cornmeal, Cherry Red and Soft White and they just don't seem girly to me...that's why I was looking for a pretty girly one! Beautiful work!
    Kathy C. ( guardian g. & Ravelry)

    1. Thanks Kathy. I have the 'simply pretty' pattern posted here on my blog.

  12. Thank you so much for this great work


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