Friday, June 12, 2015

~ what I've been doing & a video ~

Plastic canvas wraps.  I think these are really cool, and they are quick and easy to work up.

New yarns.  These are Deborah Norville's Cuddle Fleece.  I'm going to make baby cocoons with it.

Merino Superwash yarn that I dyed with food dye.  I watched a video on YouTube on how to do it - it was easy enough to do, but I don't think I'm going to do anymore.

Two baby cocoons for the 'guardian grandmas'.

A granny triangle shawl.  I crocheted this shawl with yarn I bought at AC Moore.  It was a mill ends bag of yarn so I don't know what brand it is.

See you next time.  :)

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  1. Hi Debi. I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while. Your crocheting is lovely. You have designed some really pretty patterns. I just crocheted 2 baby blankets with your Squircle Square V 3 but modified it a little. If you have a chance, come by and take a peek.


  2. Lovely jar cozies, Debi !! The fleece yarn is lovely too!! I also have that yarn but haven't decided what to make.
    The cocoons and shawl are beautiful!! You made so many things!:)

  3. Great video, Debi and Laura! You two make a lot of fun projects.

  4. Great video Debi, you have made some lovely things, those baby cocoons are so sweet and I don't think that the difference in yarn thickness will make much of a difference. The shawl looks lovely and cosy, I agree with you about not spending too much time on the computer I wish I could drag myself away from it I am wasting far too much crafting time. Enjoy your weekend. :) xx

  5. I think your wraps are really cool!
    The cocoon and shawl are beautiful as always :-)

  6. A lot of nice projects you've made, Debi! It is nice to see blog posts from you again. :) Sorry I can't look at your videos though. Same old story with me...bandwidth issues. lol I'm already at over 90% of my usage allowance for the month, and I have three days yet to go. :O

  7. Your creativity has me in love! You're super hard worker, Debi!
    You always have projects and crafts to show us!
    I love the shawl! have a nice day!

  8. Debi your items are lively.I want to learn to crochet and tried to make baby janes booties but one looked like a canoe.Do you have any suggestions for a comolete beginner for baby booties or a very simple granny square I am disheatened that i cant seem to grasp this craft and i keep tryingveven watching youtube videos stopping and writung down every there hope for me ?😊

    1. Thank you Felicity. Check with your local craft stores to see if they offer crochet classes. Joann's and Michaels craft stores usually do. There is always hope. :)


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