Thursday, July 23, 2015

~ I can't believe it! ~

I did it again!
I watched another Sharknado movie!
What is wrong with me?

In case you're wondering - the movie was AWFUL!!
Besides the AWFUL story line - the actors were AWFUL too.
I thought those people were supposed to take acting lessons if they wanted to be in a movie.

I do have to give "The Most Epic Death Scene" award to Frankie Muniz (as mechanic Lucas Stevens) though.
He had to get to the RV they had outfitted to look like something from Road Warriors, to hit some kind of destruct button that was on top of the thing.  (Why it was on the top of the RV, I don't know)  Well anyways, he runs to the back of the RV and a shark comes out of nowhere and bites off his right leg, he keeps going, hopping to get to the door.  As soon as he opens the door, another shark comes and bites off his left arm.  Poor guy.  He gets in the RV and somehow gets thru the opening at the top and is crawling to the destruct button when a shark bites off his other leg.  Oh my God, seriously?  Well, the poor guy is still trying to get to that button - bless his heart - when yet another shark comes and bites off his right arm!!  Yes - mechanic Lucas Stevens has no arms or legs but he's still moving to get to that destruct button!!  I don't know how he's moving, but he's doing it.  He finally gets to the button and pushes it with his chin and the RV blows up with him on it.
I seriously don't know what the point of that was, but it most definitely was "The Most Epic Death Scene" ever!


Erica sent me a picture of a ripple blanket that she wants me to crochet for the new baby.  I went to AC Moore and bought new skeins of Bernat Super Value yarn in grey and white.  The Super Value skeins are 7 oz.
After I had crocheted the same amount of each skein into the blanket, I had different amounts left over.

The white is a tad bit thinner than the grey, so maybe that is why, but I did weigh each of the next 2 skeins and the white skein was 7 1/2 oz.
So - I'm not mad because the skein was more instead of less, but I do see a problem happening with pattern designers.
Say you want to design a hat - you start with a new skein of 7 oz. yarn - you crochet your hat, and when you go to write your pattern you need to know how much yarn you used.  If it's a solid color hat - it's not a problem really - just weigh the hat.  But if you have a multi color hat, that could be a problem.  You weigh what is left of the skein and minus that from 7 oz. and you will get how much of that color you used for your hat.  Or do you?  Was the brand new skein actually 7 oz, or was it more or less?  Hmmm.
From now on, if I'm designing a pattern, I will weigh the skeins first just to make sure.
I hope none of my patterns are wrong.


Erica came for a visit yesterday and she brought my grandpuppy Titan with her.  He's getting so big now - she told me he weighs 55 lbs.
You can definitely tell Titan is a puppy - he is so full of energy.  All he did was run and jump.  He even knocked over a couple of things with his tail because it was wagging back and forth at 50 miles an hour.
Ladybug - on the other hand - does this 90% of the time:

She's 13 1/2 now, so I guess that's all she wants to do.
That's ok though - if I was her age (95 1/2 in dog years) that's all I would do too.  :)

Take care ladies - I'll see ya next time.

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  1. That movie sounds funny Debi. There was a write up in people magazine about it and they called it sci-fi/comedy. Your new blanket is pretty, I like the gray and white combo. Gray is the new neutral lately, you see it everywhere. Take care and have a great day, Heather

  2. I've heard only bad things about those movies, but we still watch horrible things, don't we? I guess we have to know for ourselves. Interesting about the yarn. The blanket is looking nice so far. Oh, yes, puppies can be a handful. Our youngest dog is just over a year and still crazy. I hope Ladybug is doing well without Tex. Take care :-)

  3. We are suckers for dumb TV shows, aren't we? I haven't watch this one yet but it sound interesting.

  4. the pictures of Ladybug totally had me laughing out loud at work! :-D This is what our dogs tend to do 90% of them time as well - except they're only 2

  5. Your blanket is lovely, Debi!! :) I usually don't make big projects and I hardly think about how much is needed, the more the better;)
    Oh, how I wish I was 95 years old :)) but I am still a puppy whipping (not wagging) my tail at the two demons in my home.
    Some action movies are really dumb. I pity the actors, how embarrassing it must be for them to do it so seriously :)

  6. Debi, a beautiful blanket. Thanks for your comment ......... thank you .............
    kisses from Catalonia...............
    thanks to my friend .............

  7. Hi Debi. The more I read about that shark movie the more ridiculous it sounded. Oh please, the first leg would have caused the guy to go into shock and die from blood loss. I saw Jaws years ago and it was scary, but normally I stay away from shark movies cause if you have seen one shark, then you have seen them all. I felt that way about the documentaries on them. The baby blanket is different. I made a similar one years ago for a gal who wanted one for her son and dil done in The Ohio State colors. I also made a matching cap. Pics can be found on my blog. Aww, Ladybug, she is tired. My Trixie is getting older too, she sleeps a lot, her muzzle is turning gray. There is a Purina dog food especially made for older dogs. It is suppose to give them some spunk in their old age. they have been advertising it on tv, maybe you have seen it. I looked around here for it but the smaller towns never seem to carry anything current.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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