Sunday, October 11, 2015

~ a machine knitted hat, crochet & football ~

I decided that I wanted to use the Vanna's Tapestry yarn that I bought at AC Moore to see how it would work up, so I pulled out my Innovations knitting machine to make a hat.
I only wanted to make a regular size hat, but I got a little carried away and made a slouchy hat.
I don't like it much on me, so I turned it into a preemie size baby cocoon.

I actually like working with the Innovations knitting machine even though it does have one needle that gives me trouble.  
I have marked that needle with a Sharpie marker.
I wind the handle slowly and when that certain needle comes around I stare at it like a hawk.  If it catches the yarn the wrong way, then I fix it and all is good.


Here's a new scrap granny that I'm working on.  It will most likely be a lapghan for me or a baby blanket.

This cute little hat will be for my (soon to be) granddaughter.
The 1st hat I crocheted for her will be too big for a few months at least, so I made this one a little bit smaller.
The colors match the grey and white ripple I crocheted for her a few months ago.

 This is my grandson Will (#61) at his Bowie High School football game yesterday.
He mostly stands on the sidelines because the Seniors get to play the most.  I don't like that.  It doesn't seem right to me.
(But what do I know - I'm just his Yaya.)
I guess it will be alright though - all the boys that are on the sidelines this year will be Seniors next year, so they will be the ones playing the games then.

Bowie Bulldogs - 24
Roosevelt Raiders - 33

Have a great day - see ya next time.  :)

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  1. I love your blogs, like a visit with a neighbor! Where are your patterns? I am needing help needing something to make now that I have learned the basics. Keep up the good work, you have the best blog going.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Over on the right sidebar, you will find a section called 'labels' - click on 'pattern' and all my patterns will come up. :)

  2. I actually like the slouch hat! Granny square is looking good.

  3. Debby, with this machine you will make a lot of beautiful things! and I also really like your new granny square! the hats and blankets are nice to make when it's cold! hope you have a day!

  4. Hi Ms. Debi ! all your projects done but the slouchy is so beatiful ...the yarn you have used it is wonderful...the it.have a happy week.


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