Thursday, March 24, 2016

~round ripple baby blankie ~

Working on this blankie for the 'guardian grandmas'.  
progress is slow.  I need to find my inspiration and finish it. 
I only have 1 more skein to go.

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  1. It's looking lovely Debi, I love the colours. :) xx

  2. It's lovely, Debi!! I am sure you will complete it soon:)

  3. You're not alone, Debi. I've got about a dozen crochet projects that are waiting on an attitude adjustment so I can finish them! I usually get stalled at the border. For some reason, just putting a row of single or double crochet around the afghan seems like such a chore (because I can't stop with just one!). If you think about it, a couple of hours and I'd be done! Instead, I let them sit and start something else instead. I like your round one. That wouldn't need a border ... I might get it finished! Keep on keepin' on ... someone is going to enjoy that. It's really pretty.

  4. Hi Debbie, Just saw where you were memorializing your deceased family members. It is neat the way you used their interest or craft to let us know just a bit about them.

  5. His love for others is always so great, loved Debi!
    Looove this blanket! yeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!!
    Lately I have not much time to leave comments but I want you to know
    that I always like to see all your creations.
    A big hug from Catalonia!
    And Happy Easter!


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