Saturday, April 16, 2016

~ carseat blanket ~

Here's a little carseat blanket for the 'guardian grandmas'.
It measures 26" square and I crocheted it with Bernat Baby Sport in the color 'pyjama party'.
I worked it with double strands and I used a J hook.

Thanks for dropping by - see ya next time.  :)

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  1. Great! Iove it, Debi!
    Have a nice day!!!!!

  2. It's lovely Debi, it looks so neat. :) xx

  3. That's a prettty one again! Great job!

  4. Hi Debi, I am a very new beginner to this craft, have just started off with granny squares - still struggling with the magic ring though lol - do you have a video tutorial of this carseat blanket? Or do I just work like I would a granny square? Many thanks, Geraldine from South Africa

    1. No, sorry I don't have a video for this blanket. You are correct, you can just work a regular granny square until it is the size that you want. :)

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