Sunday, May 27, 2018

~ one more kitty cat bed ~

Good morning everyone.
I have just one kitty cat bed completed to show you this week.

It's been a slow week crochet wise.
I am working on a car seat blanket, but I'll have to show that to you next week.

I'm still taking care of Sami during the week, so you can imagine that she keeps me pretty busy.

Here she is offering 'cupcakes' to Grandpa and Uncle Bobby while they take a break from working in the yard:

and here she is helping Grandpa work on his motorcycle:

As you can see, she's a good Mom - she has her stroller full of babies right beside her.  There's the 2 on the bottom and there's 3 more in the seat.
Nine times out of ten I end up with them, but that's ok, that's what Yaya's are supposed to do.  :)

Have a great day ladies - I'll see you next time.

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  1. What a doll baby! Enjoy her - they grow up way too fast. She's such a good helper too.
    Thanks for sharing another Kitty bed and your wonderful pictures of your family.
    I think I'm going to make a "kitty bed" but I'll use mine to hold fruit or walnuts (still in the shell). Or about 200 ideas - yarn, crochet hooks, what-nots that keep landing on the kitchen table, etc., etc. I really like the size and the colors you used too.
    Oh, and how cute would it be to fill the basket (kitty bed) with crocheted dishcloths, coasters, etc. as a gift for an elderly neighbor, a friend, family, etc. Functional all the way!
    As always, I truly appreciate you sharing your patterns and life with us. Bobbie

    1. Thank you Bobbie. Those are some great ideas for the bed/basket. Have fun creating. :)

  2. Sami is such a cutie. I have a granddaughter the same age and she too carries all her baby dolls with her in a basket. Like your kitty bed and will try it for my two girls, they can be so picky!


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