Sunday, June 3, 2018

~ Another gloomy, rainy day ~

Hello, hello, hello.

It's another gloomy, rainy day and to tell you the truth, I'm getting sick of it.  I don't mind rain when we need it, but jeez - enough is enough.
We've had so much rain lately that yesterday when I stepped out onto the porch to feed the birds I smelled mold.  Everything has been wet for so long.  Yuk.

Well, anyways - here are 2 projects that have relatively brightened my days.

The first one is another kitty cat bed.  This one will be my last one for a little while though.  I have developed a pain in my left thumb that goes down to my wrist that I can only reason has something to do with heavy duty crocheting.

 My next project is a baby carseat blanket.  I crocheted it with 1 strand Lion Brand Mandala in the colorway 'genie' and 1 strand Studio Classic by Nicole in 'gentle white'.

I used my 'simply pretty' pattern which can be found here:

That's my little puppy Baron.  He will be 1 year old on August 5th.

Well, that's it for today - I'll see you next Sunday.  :)

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