Sunday, June 10, 2018

~ cross stitch and baby doll crochet ~

Good morning.  Today I have something a little different to show you.  

I've started a cross stitch project that will most likely take a little while to finish - the tiny stitches are playing with my eyes too much.  Lots of breaks will have to be taken with this project.

I'm working it with 14-count white plastic canvas and embroidery thread.

I found the graph somewhere on the internet - I can't remember exactly where now.  I know that I did a search on Pinterest for cross stitch patterns and this was in the mix.


Next up is some baby doll items that I crocheted for Sami.  The first one is a round ripple blanket crocheted with one cake of Caron Baby Cakes in the colorway 'cotton candy'.  Sami likes this blanket - she said to me "thank you for making my baby a star blanket Yaya".  She's so sweet.

The next one is a cocoon - Sami didn't like this one so much.  That's ok - can't win them all.  

Well that's it for this week - I'll see you next Sunday.  :)

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  1. Oooh Debi - what a darling little girl with her dolly. The blankie you made is very pretty.

  2. So sweet! She looks so happy with her baby doll blanket.
    xx Beca

  3. Thank you for sharing all of your photos and crochet work. you have a really great site and are very talented. Olive Giacomini,Australia.

  4. all is beatiful.
    The blanket ♥ so adorable.


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