** There is a vast amount of crochet patterns published both in print and on the internet, and although all of my patterns come from my imagination and are written down as I crochet the item, if you believe that any of my patterns resemble someone else's pattern, please email me at dlyrs@juno.com or you can leave me a comment here on my blog. If my pattern was created after the one in question - it will be removed. Thank you. :) **

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~ Another Valentine's table mat ~
  ~~ this pattern uses a plastic heart shaped bracelet and measures 13" ~~
cost = $3.00

This table mat is crocheted with Red Heart Soft yarn (but Caron Simply Soft can be substituted) and an 'I' hook.  Sc's worked around a plastic heart shaped kids bracelet (found in the kids section of Dollar Tree and Dollar General) is the beginning of this shell-filled mat.  It's a pretty decoration for Valentine's Day or just any day.  :) 


~ Rustic heart plant doily ~
  ~~ this doily measures 12" ~~
cost = $3.00

I crocheted this rustic doily with cotton twine that I purchased at the Dollar Tree (the thickness is comparable to sport weight) and an 'H' hook.  If you place a small plant in the middle, you'll still be able to see the ring of hearts.  :)


~ pink flower doily ~
  ~~this doily measures 13" - it is crocheted with Baker's twine.
cost = $3.00

This doily is crocheted with 2 colors of baker's twine - pink/white and green/white with a size 1 steel hook. It measures 13" across. If you would prefer to use thread, Paula and trinity8419 very kindly informed me that size 3 crochet thread is close in size to the baker's twine.

I started this doily with a little flower, followed by a ring of leaves. From there I added 2 rounds of open-shell stitch, some chain loops, and then finished with another round of the open-shell stitch. I enjoyed creating this doily and I hope you will to.


~ Jessica's big bow headband ~
 ~~ this headband measures 4 3/4" x 20"
cost = $3.00



~ Chrysanthemum motifs ~
  ~ the hexagon measures 5 1/2"
  ~ the square measures 6"
Cost = $3.00


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