Friday, November 26, 2010

~ My blue bag ~

A very basic oval bag.

- 4 1/2 oz. light blue worsted weight 4-ply acrylic
- 4 1/2 oz. variegated blues and brown bulky weight acrylic
- 1 pair light blue round purse handles
- L hook (if you crochet loose, use a J or a K hook - the bag fabric has to be tight)
- plastic canvas (for bottom liner)

Size:  approximately 13 1/2" x 8" x 3 1/2"

- do not join rounds, mark 1st stitch with a stitch marker.
- I crochet tight so you may want to adjust the size of your hook.

Note:  this is a dc example of how to work on the opposite side of chs.  The purse pattern is worked in sc's. 
Rnd 1:  With 1 strand light blue and 1 strand variegated held together, ch 28, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Sc in next 25 chs, 3 sc in last ch.  Working on opposite side of chs, sc in next 25 chs.

Rnd 2:  *2 sc in next 3 sc, sc in next 25 sc.  Repeat from * 1 more time.

Rnd 3:  *(2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc) 3 times.  Sc in next 25 sc.  Repeat from * 1 more time.

Rnd 4:  *(2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc) 3 times.  Sc in next 25 sc.  Repeat from * 1 more time.

Rnd 5:  *(2 sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc) 3 times.  Sc in next 25 sc.  Repeat from * 1 more time.

Rnd 6:  Working the rnd in back loops, sc in each sc around.

Rnds 7 - 28:  Sc in each sc around.  At end of Rnd 28, join with a sl st to 1st sc.  End off.

Using 1 strand light blue and 1 strand variegated and working from right to left, whipstitch in each sc of Rnd 28.

Center 1 round purse handle to each side and with 1 strand light blue and 1 strand variegated, sew each handle to each side. 

--tip:  I used small dots of hot glue to hold the handles down while I sewed them to the bag.

Cut 2 pieces of plastic canvas to fit inside bottom of bag.  Sew together and place in bag.

***Debi Y.'s idea***
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  1. That is a great bag..:) I have some handles like that so could be another gift coming up... :))
    Thanks for sharing..Pat

  2. Well, this is very clever. I really like the look of it and it's clean lines and there are so many uses for this type of bag. Thanks so much for the pattern. Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow Debi, this is a wonderful bag. Thanks for the pattern, this is another one I'll be doing.

  4. What a great bag... I love it! I'm always looking for crochet bag patterns... thanks so much for posting it! :)

  5. That bag is too cute. Thanks for all the info! You are so good about that.

  6. You are really great in crocheting purses. Also this one...
    Maybe in future I will give it a try too.

  7. Very pretty bag Debi. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Hope you have a great day and weekend!

  8. I love that bag. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I think it would be perfect for carrying other projects. Now, I just need to remember to look for some handles!! Take care.

  9. very impressive~ you are definitely a seasoned crocheter!

  10. Thanks Debi, I'm going to have to try this one.

  11. Hola. Precioso bolso y gracias por el tutorial.
    Un saludo.

  12. What does "Working on opposite side of chs" mean?

    1. Hi Samantha - 'working on opposite side of chs' means to not turn your work, just crochet in the chains that have already been worked in. It's like crocheting in the round (only this piece is not round). I'll try to get a picture on here for you. :)


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