Saturday, May 18, 2013

~ 3 simple steps to clean out a used candle jar ~

Step 1:  Buy a small pan from the Dollar Tree.  Put a toothpick in the pan and then place the jar on the toothpick.  This keeps the jar from bouncing when the water boils.  Pour water in pan.  Bring the water to a soft boil.  Wait patiently until the candle wax melts.

Step 2:  Put a glove on your hand so you don't get burned.  Pick up candle jar and pour melted wax into a can.

Step 3:  Wipe out candle jar with paper towels.
And there you have it - a quick, simple way to clean out those nasty jars so you can use them to store your crafts supplies.  :)
p.s. besides candle jars, I use all kinds of other jars too.
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