Monday, February 27, 2012

~ plastic canvas coaster graph ~

Here are a few links to help learn how to work plastic canvas:   (this is part 1)   (this is part 2)


Materials needed:
- 27 holes x 27 holes square of 7-count clear plastic canvas
- 4-ply worsted weight acrylic yarn
- large eye yarn needle
- 5/8" button (if desired)

1.  Using the large scotch stitch for the brown square and the slanted gobelin stitch for the corner to corner stripes, follow the graph and stitch the coaster.

2.  Whipstitch the edges with brown.

3.  Sew on button at bottom left corner if desired.

***Debi Y's version***

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  1. I remember making a clutch purse with roses on it at high school. I suppose the method would be same :)) thankyou for sharing the links and your mat pattern :))

  2. Oh I love your mug coaster! Thanks for the explanations!

  3. I just love how I never fail to find inspiration here. Happy day to you, dear!

  4. Thanks for the links - lovely to find someone who likes many of the same crafts as I do! These days I mostly crochet, but I also do cross stitch, needlepoint and plastic canvas (I have a thing about boxes). However, I can never quite follow charts for plastic canvas - something to do with the differences between cross stitch charts and plastic canvas, so I usually end up 'improvising'!

  5. I love this pattern. Thanks much! May I have permision to sell the finished project?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yes, you have my permission to sell the finished projects you make with this pattern. :)

    2. Thank you so much! :)

    3. You're welcome. Good luck - I hope you make lots of money. :)

  6. This is so cute. I love the added button! Thank you for sharing.


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