Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~ ragg crochet pillow ~

Here it is - my ragg crochet pillow:

I've always liked the look of ragg quilting, but since I don't quilt I came up with my crochet version.  All you need is this:

and a little time.  Crochet nine (9) closed granny squares:

Working thru the back loops of the square on the right on the 2nd row, and the front loops of the square of the right on the 1st row, sc across.  (Your sc ridge will be on the front of your project.)  Now pick up the next squares and join them together the same way.

Repeat for the second line of joining.  Turn piece and sc the remaining 2 join lines across.  Ch 1 to hop over the intersecting joins.

Your next step is to join the Bernat Boa novelty eyelash yarn with a sc to the first sc on any joining ridge, sc in each sc across with a ch 1 to hop over the intersecting joins.

Repeat for the other 3 joining ridges.

For the outer edge, join Bernat Boa novelty eyelash yarn with a sc in any corner, (ch 1, sc) in same corner.  Sc in the front loop of each dc around with (sc, ch 1, sc) in each corner.  Join with a sl st to 1st sc.  End off.

***Debi Y's version***

There you have it - simple as pie.  (mmmmm, pie)   

I only made a front piece - I already had a fabric covered pillow so I just tacked this to it - and I didn't feel like making another piece because I've got to get back to my baby blankies.  Speaking of - I think this would be good for a blanket - just need more squares of course.  Maybe one day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great crochet day.  :)   

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  1. what a great idea...i'm going to add to my next sweater. thanks!

  2. Very pretty! Love the look that the Bernat Boa adds to the pillow.

  3. That's a realy good idea! It's useable for many things. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Ooh - great idea - I love translating things from other crafts into crochet and vice versa!

  5. Looks great! Always enjoy something new.

  6. Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I'd love to try this myself, when I can, so thank you so much for sharing how!! As always, beautiful work, Debi! ~tina

  7. hermosa explicaciòn y muy lindo el almohadòn, felicitaciones

  8. It looks pretty snazzy to me Debi :)) thanks for showing us how you made it :))
    Squares sent to you today...

  9. That is a really cute idea Deb! Very smart. :)

  10. Dear Debi,

    Thank you very much for the comment on my blog yesterday! I was very surprised to have a message from the other side of the ocean!! Your blog is very nice.
    Maybe other bloggers are also going to take a look at my blog:

    I hope I have written the language in the way you can read it.

    With best wishes,

    Anna from Holland

  11. Thank you ladies. :)

    Anna - your language is perfect. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  12. This is absolutely AMAZING. I have a stack of squares I have been trying to make something with and you, My Dear, have solved my problem!! I love this!! You are so creative!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Thanks ElisabethAndree. :)

    Thank you Red - I'm glad you like it. :)

  14. Very pretty. I love pink and red together. Great idea for the eyelash yarn.

  15. waw, its very nice. i like it. :)


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