Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~ 'simply pretty' pattern correction ~

I was alerted to the fact that my 'simply pretty' square pattern was not written right, so I immediately took it down to work on it.  I have to tell you - this really kicked my butt.  For some reason I just couldn't think straight.  I tried for 3 days to re-write, but all I had in my head was gibberish.  I think I got it right now, but if you find a problem, please let me know.

If you had printed this pattern out before - you'll have to re-print. 

Sorry for the troubles ladies.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

~ Halloween weekend at the campground ~

Hi everyone - I'm back from a great weekend at the campground.  We left Friday morning because there was a lot of work to do to get ready for the Haunted TeePee on Saturday night.  Now, I don't usually do The Haunted TeePee, but this year it was being dedicated to my sister Teri, so I wanted to be there.

     (this paper is wrong - Teri has been at the campground since 1984, not 1994)

These are grave stones and a giant spider that my brother-in-law Frankie and his kids made.

This is what the teepee looked like in the day time:

The teepee is a circle, so all the rooms were pie-shaped and sectioned off with heavy black plastic.  The people walk in the door and then walk counter-clockwise through all the rooms.  The open spot is where the people came running out screaming because my nephew Frankie J. was the crazy man chasing them with a chain saw (it was perfectly safe). 

I only have a few pictures of the rooms as they were being worked on.  You'll have to imagine darkness, scary music and strobe lights added in for the night. 

This is my sister Laura and great-niece Kelsey's room:

Laura was a witch and Kelsey was a dead girl - she would sit up from the table and scream when people came in.  This is Kelsey, and let me tell you - this little girl can scream:

This room is my nephew Travis and Will's room.  Body parts everywhere.  Travis was dressed as a mannequin and Will was a devil man.  When people came in they would move toward them in the strobe lighting.

This room was my son Bobby's room.  He was the executioner.  When people came in he would drop the guillotine blade and a bloody head would roll onto the floor.  The 'body' on the bottom right moved. 

I can't remember who was in this room - I think it was my nephew Spencer.  He was dressed as a killer clown.  The skeleton in the coffin would sit up and make scary noises. 

This room was my nephew Dylan's and my room (sorry it's blurry).  Dylan was a vampire and he stood by the candlelier.  I was dressed in a ghillie suit and came out of the dark corner at the people.

It was fun scaring people - except for a small group of teenage girls that kept coming through towards the end.  Evidently they thought it was ok to hit us.  The lady in the 2nd room had to fuss at them because the girls were hitting the 3 young boys in the 1st room.  Then when they came through my room they started hitting me.  I yelled "alright - stop the hitting!"  I'm not sure if they hit anyone else, but they probably did.

Here's a sort-of group picture.  Some of our people are missing.  See the clown that's standing 4th from the right?  That's my nephew Spencer.  He thought it would be funny to scare his Aunt Debi.  I had walked to the next room to ask Laura a question and when I came back to my room and went to stand in my corner, Spencer was already there.  Needless to say, he scared the heck out of me.  I'll have to get him back next year.  (insert evil grin here) 

I really wish I had taken more pictures - everyone and everything looked so great.  I'm really happy that I joined in this year - I had a awesome time.  If I come across any more pictures - I'll post them too.

Happy Halloween!!   

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

~ baby crochet and a couple of crafts ~

Oh my goodness - 2 more packages just full to the brim with baby items for the 'guardian grandmas'.  The 1st one is from Ms. Luna of 'My Crochet, Mis Tejidos'.  She has sent along a whole of bunch of baby hats - all different styles - aren't they just adorable?

The 2nd one is from my friend Yvette.  I know Yvette from a crochet group I used to have on Ebay.  She has sent along 3 baby cocoons and a bunch of hats - all different sizes.  Just perfect and so, so cute. 

Thanks so much Ms. Luna and Yvette!  :)


I crocheted these 2 hand towels for our campground trailer bathroom.  I bought the towel from the Dollar Tree - cut it in half - sewed the blanket stitch across the top (which I really don't like doing because it's such a pain in the a**) and then crocheted the top.  Every little bit helps to brighten up the place. 

And this is another bird/squirrel feeder.  An upside down bowl, a cup and a plate glued together with E6000 glue.  Hopefully, the squirrels won't knock this one over. 

Have a great day ladies.  :)
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~ meet Murphy and Lewis ~

A little while back, my gerbils Rocky and Mugsy passed away (their life span is only about 3 years) - so a couple weeks ago I went to Petsmart and bought 2 hamsters.  I introduce to you Murphy and Lewis:

They are Robo dwarf hamsters and are about 2" long.  They still won't let me touch them - I think the girl at the pet store scared the sh** out of them.  She chased them around the cage for a few minutes trying to catch them.  I think she should of used a net.  I keep putting my hand down flat in their cage so they can get used to me and know that I will not hurt them.  Lewis has been a little braver than Murphy and has checked out my hand to see what it is, but that's about it.

Since they are Robo dwarf hamsters, their names were chosen from the 'Robo Cop' movie - Murphy was the Robo Cop and Lewis was his partner's name.


Here's my orchid I showed ya'll a little while back.  It has bloomed up real pretty, and it still has a few more that need to pop out.  The other 3 orchid plants aren't doing anything at the moment - I wonder why.  

As always - thanks for dropping by.  I wish you all a great day.  :)   
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

~ deliveries for the 'guardian grandmas' ~

I've had two more deliveries for the 'guardian grandmas' from two lovely ladies.  The first is a set of cute little hats from Marianna of 'Marianna's lazy daisy days' -

Marianna told me that she has also donated 20 baby hats to her local hospital in our name.  That is fantastic - I love it.  Thank you so much Marianna!

The second delivery is also a set of cute little baby hats - they were sent to me from Kathy C. who is a friend on Ravelry.  She crocheted 3 hats for the boys and 3 hats for the girls.  Thank you very much Kathy!   

I appreciate all the support for the 'guardian grandmas' that I am receiving from everyone.  The back of my car is almost full, so I have to start thinking about when I should make a delivery.  I'll definitely let ya'll know when I do, and if I'm allowed - I will take pictures.  Stay tuned.  :)   
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Friday, October 18, 2013


Wait - that's. not. FUNNY!
jeez, I'm freezing.
oh my gosh - they look so cute in their outfits.
they look ridiculous.
man it's hot in here!
get away from me or I'll kill you!
I love you honey.  :)
Why am I crying?  So what if the Dollar Tree is moving.  (sniff, sniff)
Hey doofus!  Get the heck out of my way!!
Here sweetie - let me help you with the door.  :)
Paper towels are on sale (I'm crying again).
Good God Almighty - it's hot in here!
I need a nap.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

~ baby stuffs ~

I received these beautiful baby cocoons and hats from Deanne of 'Purls from the Heart' for our guardian grandmas group.   I was a little more excited when I received these cocoons because when I was looking at them I realized that they looked familiar - Deanne used my preemie baby cocoon patterns for these!  I was extra happy because I really don't see that very often.  I was also happy that she liked the patterns enough to use them.  Thank you so much Deanne - you really brightened my day.  :)


These are the baby items that I had crocheted while I was at the campground.  8 little baby hats, 2 little baby blankies and 1 preemie cocoon.  The pink variegated yarn is Premier Yarns Deborah Norville collection Serenity Baby, the bright colored blankie is Rainbow Classic Purl Essence Everyday that I bought at Joanns, and the baby hats are various brands of worsted weight acrylics.   

Have a great day ladies - thanks for dropping by.  :)
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

~ my time away at the campground ~

Granted, I really don't camp at the campground because we have a trailer and most of the comforts of home, but it's nice just to get away sometimes and do something different.  Vince and I left on Friday morning and spent the weekend grocery shopping, golf cart riding and doing odd jobs around the trailer.  Vince actually did all the hard work - he got up on the roof and cleaned it off, cleaned out the gutters and then cleaned the whole outside of the trailer.

Vince left on Sunday afternoon and from then until Wednesday evening I was all alone.  I had a nice, quiet peaceful time - did what I wanted, when I wanted.

I crocheted some baby hats:

and a small round ripple for the back of the chair in the living room - the colors match the curtains and the pillows on the couch:

I also crocheted 2 tiny baby blankets and a cocoon, but I'll have to show those pictures later since I haven't taken any of them yet.

On Wednesday evening, my sister Laura and my nephew Spencer showed up, and then my nephew Travis showed up on Friday.  My youngest sister Julie and her family also showed up on Friday.

My sisters and I decorated the bathhouse across the road - it looks so much better now.  Here's pictures of the ladies side:

and this is the man's side - we didn't add frilly stuff in there - just shower curtains, a paper towel holder and 2 hand soaps:

Everyone left on Sunday except for me and Laura, so we decided to switch the furniture around in the trailer living room.  I like it, but the coffee table is a little out of place where we had to put it and the chair is a little close to the tv.  It should be alright though.  We really don't spend a lot of time in the trailer - we're mostly sitting on the porch yakking away. 

All in all, I had a great time - the only thing that was bad was the rain.  It started on Tuesday around noon, and didn't stop until Sunday night.  It was chilly too - so much so that I wore my hoodie practically 24-7.  You can see me in the picture above wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.  Hopefully next time I go there'll be no rain.  :) 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* another delivery of a baby item for the 'guardian grandmas'.  Esther of 'Happy in Red' has crocheted a very pretty and colorful baby blanket and kindly donated it to our group.  Thank you very much Esther - I really appreciate the time you took to crochet this baby blanket.  :)

* lots of bright sunny sunshine today.  (it rained for 6 days straight while I was at the campground)   

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

for a few days, I'll be.......

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

* car crocheting - the radio on low and people watching at the same time.

*** eta = I'm not driving - just sitting in the parking lot waiting for my son. 

* new $8 shoes from the Family Dollar up by the campground.  These shoes are Converse knock-offs, but I'll tell you what - they are much more comfortable.  I have a blue pair of Converse that I hardly wear because they bother my feet.

 I took this picture in my car too - it took me an hour to get my leg back to where it was supposed to be.   :)
extra smile:
* a great time at my niece and nephews birthday party.  These 3 were all born in the month of September - and now that they are older, my sister Julie celebrates their birthdays on one day.  Frankie is 18, Sabrina is 16 and Dylan is 11.  Julie also has another boy, Michael - he's 14 - his birthday is in May. 

Sabrina, Frankie, Dylan and Julie

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