Sunday, February 21, 2016

~ my little helper ~

Using my small knitting machine to make a long skinny scarf.  Sami was there to help me.  She didn't quite know what to think of that big ball of yarn on her lap though - she just stared at it.
The yarn is Red Heart Comfort, and it is 12 oz.

I crocheted this poncho for Sami using Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport.  It took about 1 1/2 hanks.
The pattern is just the basic granny stitch with a shell border.

 Saw these hearts in the parking lot while waiting for pizza.  ♥

Take care everyone - see ya next time.  :)

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Monday, February 15, 2016

~ baby stuff - crafty stuff ~

Hello everyone - long time, no see.  I'm sorry about that, but it seems that I've lost my blogging mojo.
I've also lost my designing new patterns mojo.
Yeah - I don't know what's going on.  Hopefully it will come back.

This little baby cocoon is for the 'guardian grandmas'.  I crocheted it with mill-ends yarn I bought from AC Moore.

This little car seat blanket is for Sami to use when she's in my car.
It's the perfect size to tuck in and cover her.
The pattern is my 'simply pretty' square - it's just made bigger.

This is a baby sling that I crafted.  It's made with a long piece of drapey fabric that I sewed 2 rings to.
I found the instructions on how to make one here:

There's a new craze going on now - adult coloring.  People are coloring all kinds of pretty pictures that I see on Instagram.
I think this mug is more my speed because I can actually use it, and also, let's face it - there's only so many pictures you can give your Mom to hang on her fridge.  :)

I've got a new small knitting machine.  So far, so good.
It has 22 needles and as you can see sits on 4 legs.  It's a little easier to use than the Red Heart knitting machine I had before that sits upright.
So far, I have made 2 tubes with it, which will be legwarmers if I can figure out how to make a stretchy border around the edges.

Well, I guess that's it for now.
I'll see ya next time.  ♥

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